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axe module on MPS not working properly?


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just came back to tekkit after taking a break following the 1.6 update. i just make my power fist, intending to use the axe module to clear and adjacent jungle and put in in my charcoal factory. there no longer seems to be a search radius bar for the axe module, even though i can see its default value in the .cfg as such, it only chops one block of wood, making it redundant when i can just use a regular axe and chop down a whole tree. i would guess this is a bug due to it still being in the .cfg, but can anyone confirm? if it is a bug, any fixes?

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I do not recommend using the Glove at all. MPS is glitchy and apparently not in development any longer - at least not what we are using.

If you want good, unbreakable tools, use Redstone Arsenal. Just keep the Flux-Infused Axe turned off for chopping, because it will crash the game (together with Treecapitator) when activated.

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