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Having trouble starting Tekkit


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So i tried to load up Tekkit yesterday after a friend invited me to a server he was running. I selected Tekkit and hit play. The files loaded for about five or six minutes then the launcher disappeared then popped up again as if nothing had happened. I tried re-installing technic pack, i tried uninstalling my virus protection and i allowed technic pack to work with my firewall and it's still not working can anyone help me please? 

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Those few minutes were likely spent downloading the modpack. If the game then closes immediately after launching, this may be another case of wrong Java version. Java 7 is still recommended to run Tekkit (currently update 67), and there is a known issue that will prevent the game from starting on Java 8 (update 20 and newer).


If that's not it, please take the issue to the tracker, and try to gather >crash logs.

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