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How can you auto-load chunks with chunk loaders when you start a map?


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I'm trying to build a teleportation system with Applied Energistics spatial storage.


I made a teleporting room with the spatial pylons, in which you enter, press a button, the machine stores you on a drive, sends it through a Tesseract to a different place, and at the other place, another machine reassembles you inside another set of pylons.


I place chunk loaders at each machine, and it works, however if I quit the map, then restart it, then the chunks with the chunk loaders don't auto-load, and if I try teleporting without first visiting the location of the other machine by another method, then the teleportation process fails, and I remain stuck in Storage Cell limbo forever.


Is there a way to auto-load every chunk that has a chunk loader placed in it, when I start the map?

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