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Technic launcher not loading all mods/saving properly


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I'm using a Mac and downloaded the technic launcher to use the "Attack of the B Team" modpack. I opened the launcher and it ran, loaded up the modpack, and opened Minecraft like it should. The first time it opened Minecraft it said "106 mods loaded."


After playing in single player I noticed that the morph and hat mods were not present, among others. I closed Minecraft and the launcher and reopened the launcher. I hit play again, and it seemed like it was downloading all of the mods for the pack again like it did the first time. When it opened Minecraft, it said "118 mods loaded" and my single player world was not there. I checked and the morph and hat mod were present this time, as well as 10 other mods that weren't there in the first launch.


The launcher also did not create any kind of shortcut, and I always have to open it from the Jar file. (is this normal?)


Any reason why it's not loading all of the mods consistently? Or is it not supposed to re-download the mods everythime like it appears to? I'm also not sure why any of my worlds are not saving. Any answers would be greatly appreciated!





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the launcher is the "shortcut", you need to launch it every time if you wish to play any modpack. Same thing goes for FTB, ATlauncher and any other third-party launcher I don't know of.


mods not loading properly doesn't sound right, might be a security program interfering. Or you might have changed the modpack versions from recommended to latest (beta), but I doubt that.


I'm not sure what you mean by your worlds not saving? The game has an auto-save on timed intervalls + it should always save when you quit the game.

Does it not do that?


I suggest you make a proper report on the Tracker

read the Tracker Rules closely


edit. oh and don't sign your name on your post. Your name is visible above your avatar

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