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Metropolis Blog (Latest Release: Day 6)


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Latest Release: Day 6: Fall Of Nature

Im back and ready for moar posting people :) , i've sorted out my IRL scedule and hectic craft scedule(mod group I work with) to still have free time to enjoy the game itself and most importantly make moar blog posts :) .

Breaking news! I created a website and blog to make up for all the information that's gathering up. These are much more organised, pretty, and have tons of features. Please bear in mind i'm still modifying them and adding new things but I did add all the info that used to be here. Also 1000 views on this topic, HOLY FLYING PIG!!! Just wondering are those viewers reading the blog or just opening the thread ... shrugging... then closing it again?

So go here for the main site:


And here for the Blog Site:


And use the button on the top right to go to the blog , or move around the main site. I spent my entire day today making this, and any feedback and comments on how to improve them are appreciated. I've kept everything In this thread still available to motivate newcomers to visit the site but other then that i will no longer be modifying this page with the exception of a New post counter. Days here are from 1-3 , and the rest is on the blog site. See you there :), also the both websites are freeware creators so that's why they are sub-domains, ignore the small amount of ads that aren't from me but from the website makers.

I have also decided to release my days in bundles, each bundle Is concentrated on a specific goal, the first bundle I'm in now called 'Rise Of Hindos' Is concentrated on exploration, and setting up my basic needs without worry that they'll run out. The next bundle will be about 'The Industrial Zone' and will involve less exploration, but more factories, mass production, and a power grid. After completing a bundle each time I will make a video with narration touring my achievements, and constructions. Thanks to tomprower for the let's play idea ;) .

I also added polls to the site where you can vote on what I will do with certain challenges or help improve aspects of the site(s). For now I also have comments enabled but if I find people spamming them or trolling the comments I will block you from commenting indefinetly. Rules for commenting are:

1. Stay on topic- must be about minecraft

2. No double posts, one word comments, basicly any form of spam

3. No racual, sexual, or cultural harrasment

4. This blog is meant to be suitable for younger ones too, so no cussing

5. Don't do anything stupid, think before you comment.

The Main site needs a minecraft-themed site background, any suggestions/links would be appreciated :), otherwise I'm thinking of copy-pasting some of cheapshot's art together to create a minecrafty background.

Also I made a logo, it's 100x100 pixels , and made in gimp(hope you all like it :) , think you can do better?-pm me):


Blog posts:

* Day 1 + 2 : Getting Started

* Day 3 : Nether Beware

* Day 4 : Wings Of Victory

* Day 5 : Production Primodials

* Day 6: Fall Of Nature

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Re: hindos-Technic 'blog'

Day 1 of Blog:

Today I started off by looking a bit at my base and seeing how I could improve and expand it. Here’s some pics, if someone can tell me how to have the pics as spoilers to reduce space please do :) :

So i start off my day by working on teh warehouse , couple dozen picks later and vua la it is complete :) , with room for 6 sections: naturual items, dirt/cobble/gravel/sand section, Mechanical(industrial carft and buildcraft stuffz) , raw resources section , magic,alchemy and potions section(for thaumcraft, potions and alchemy) , general items sections (for everything else has rare items subsection). Building warehouses tends to keep my nice and organised and are a good starter’s build anyway.

As i stared down into my warehouse i realised I needed chests … and lots of em! So I need wood and luckily i spawned in a forest i could also collect the sapling to later make a gigantic tree farm, here i am massacring trees , I have to be careful as the shade sometimes allows mobs to spawn *shudders* ,

One of my plans was also to find a large open plane to put my planned city in later, but clearing out the forest should help fill this need. Im sure BADass cat will appreciate all those damn trees i murdered for him :P

For pictures and video visit the main website’s , everything is organised accordingly with my day numbers.

Day 2:

Today I did many things :) , yesterday I was busy with real life stuff but today I’m free :) . Anyway down to buisness.

I started off by trying to construct and find the recipe for the miner . After a lot of hussle and NEI searches i got the apporpriate materials and built it :) . Next I charged up 3 RE batteries in my generator running on coal and put those in the miner as well as a drill and 32 mining pipes. It is official I consturcted my first working machine :), i put a chest next to it to pump all the materials in and then took out the drill to retract it. All in all i dug three holes, I only hit a major wall when everytime i tried to move it turned into a machine block, im guessing getting a wrench will fix this problem for me :P .

I cleared out the entire forrest today and filled one double chest and one quarter of a second double chest full of wood. Unfortunately the redpower trees are HUGE and timber! doesn’t work on them so I need to find a good way to get rid of them. I tried chopping one down completly manually but it took me 2 minecraft days to finish that and I don’t feel like doing that for the other 10+ trees i have… The wood will definetly come in handy most immediately the chests for my warehouse. Also I am now easily able to see over my small turf and spot any hostile mobs and don’t have to worry in daylight about any mobs spawning under the trees…

Furthermore, I expanded my underground network all the way out to the great forrest, which means digging a 1 by 2 tunnel for 250 blocks or so… I finally reached it after several scary moments of nearly falling in an underground ravine and having to build bridges across them with the constant fear of raining creepers. Luckily I made it and connect the tunnel to a lone building I had taken from some friendly residents ::) . As soon as daylight came I trekked out to the village if foudn before and helped them by getting some materials. Eventually I continued to stoll across the dessert in the hopes of uncovering a pyramid – for later conquest. Unfortunately it was getting dark so I needed to find or make some shelter fast. I found a strange structure. I climbed up evaded a redstone trap :P , and then placed torches and holed up for the night.

Another Great day in MetroPolis :) !

Plans for tommorow( may choose not to follow these…):

*Setup a infinite pump of water and a compressor next to it to get an infinite supply of snowballs with no energy cost , which ill use for some nice traps and such :) . Did i forget to mention im gonna make an army of mean snow men ! 8)

*Explore, go on adventures etc :)

Day 3:

Today I decided to follow this tutorial ( http://equivalentexchange.wikispaces.com/Getting+Started+in+v6# ) and get my equivalent exchange up and running. My day was very action packed with my first visit to the nether, my first death, and lots of mining for diamondz!.

I started off by completing my warehouse, which cost me a total of 2 stacks of chests. I also added my ‘quick’ room next to it which is basicly a small room which is built for speed, including my adventuring gear and a chest to dump unsorted items in after I finished adventuring. I quickly found i allready needed to expand the warehouse to accomodate for the tons of materials types I have.

To begin my adventure in the art of alchemy I created my tier 3 diving rod , which can scan a 64x3x3 area and really helps me find the resources i need, it’s also very helpful since i built a long tunnel which i can just walk along until i find a value of 8000+ as my first= diamondz!

Next I had to gather more obsidian as i needed glowstone to advance in my alchemy. Thus i returned to the underground lava pool i had obisianised before and collected a total of 22 obsidian(way more then i needded but they’ll come in handy). Then I entered my stone brick dome I had created before that would function as my portal room and put built my portal and struck it with some flint and steel. Words do little to describe the majesty of that weird purply wavy stuff that made up the portal, but I made my first alchemy chest to hold my various items as i came in and out of the nether.

I grabbed my stone pick and stone sword and bravely entered the Nether. For a few intense moments I didn’t exit the portal expecting any moment to be hit by a ghast fireball. None came… So i exited the purpley stuff and stared upon the nether. It was unlike the overworld in every way, with no sense of ground and sky but what I could only describe as layers, it was most closely comparable with our picture of hell with raging fires all around and lava pouring down from the level above. I shook my self loose from this spectacle and looked around for my target: glowstone. I ran under it and started building my cobblestone pillar to reach it. Perched just over a lava pool it was a dangerous task and one projectile would easily have meant my death. Luckily I managed to escape unscathed and returned to the overworld with 86 glowstone dust, but it was indeed very scary when I fell just just next to the lava pool when I accidently let go of the sneak key.

I returned victoriously to the overworld and dug a tunnel back to my main base so i could safely travel between the structures. There I crafted my first ‘philospheres stone’ which is incredibly useful in that it can change drit to cobble, gravel to sandstone and cobble to dirt for no cost as well as be used to convert any material to one of it’s lower tiers. I then used the philospheres stone to create my first Transmuation tabel and set out to teach it how to make whatever junk i had. Then I turned my alchemy chest into a red alchemy bag, put in a repair kit and got a larger inventory and a quite fast way to FREELY repair my items. Thus meaning i could mine on forever with just two picks as by the time i finished one the other would have repaired. I created one more alchemy chest and red alchemy bag(incase i died I wouldn’t lose it’s inventory) and put the chest next to the portal(as i had removed the one before to make the bag).

Next I made a frontal base in the nether constructed out of cobblestone and having several chests, both crafting tables(vanilla and crafting table II ) and a furnace so i could burn the nether ores. I made large tunnels and allready stumbled upon a gold ore vein which i mined with my fortune I diamond pick. I was at first scared out of my socks when there were suddden explosions , i thought it was a ghast, but then found out the ores have a chance to explode when mines thus : risk vs reward , a very nicely balanced feature as there were more ores but it uphold the general danger of the nether and requires double the fuel to turn it into an ignot.

I returned to the overworld oncemore knowing I had made a quite sturdy base in the Nether and set out to create my first energy collector from equivalent exchange. Which generates EMC(basis for creating items) every one second. Thus I was busy making Aethiris fuel so i could make my EMC ‘battery’ called an KLEIN STAR EIN , whilst it was busy making that I mined for various resources most notably diamonds. I had gathered quite a few when , being a fool I fell in a lava pit . I jumped out and quickly tried to put all my expensive items in my alchemy bag to save them. Then I accidently also put the alchemy bag in itself, which didn’t cause any issues!, then i died from fire damage(i will from here on in allways bring a bucket of water with me … ). I had death point enabled and using a bucket of oil(less resistance then water = easier swimming- besides i didn’t reach the oil stage in my industry yet) I descended down safely. Amazingly my diamond chestplate was recoverable but unfortunately all my other items had dissapeared. I returned up using torches against the wall to regain oxygen when I was running out and then got my other alchemy bad in hope that my items were there. Indeed they were! Including my other alchmey bag, I was indeed able to save all my rare items and had only lost some meagre cobblestone in the process. Thus I advice anyone reading this to use the alchemy bag trick to keep your items safe in your travels ;) . Unfotunately though I did suffer my first death (survived 10 or so days …. )

Thus my day ends, and I accomplished quite a lot If I say so myself. Here’s some pictures of what i did, including a picture of my tunnel which i forgot to post yesterday(you can see just how long it is :P) .

Check out the gallery on the main website for pictures and videos :)

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Re: Metropolis Blog

Reserved for farts

Good work btw.

Lol and thanks :P , just started building a huge tunnel to what i dubbed 'the great dessert' which is a huuuge dessert - who would have guessed :P? Remember someone makigna thread that noone was using this forum section so here i am to clutter it up :o . Imma go sleep nwo and tommorow im going to a friends so see you all then :)

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Re: Metropolis Blog

Steve ain't afraid of anything :P ! Anyway easier to make 2 tall height ceilings, more floors ina building so more things you have= profit. Also having lower ceilings mean that if, and im not saying it is, my home is not lit well enough at least no endermen or such will spawn...

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Re: Metropolis Blog

That's why im coming back prepared Ill go nuke those evil little midget steves! Musket the one that sneaks up on me and lay waste to their main hideout with the cannon followed by some carefully placed dynamite to lock em in... did i mention the pretty pretty explosions?

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Re: Metropolis Blog

That's why im coming back prepared Ill go nuke those evil little midget steves! Musket the one that sneaks up on me and lay waste to their main hideout with the cannon followed by some carefully placed dynamite to lock em in... did i mention the pretty pretty explosions?

Maybe build a telsa coil from IDC2. Give it some energy and a redstone signal. Then watch as the Midgets disintegrate! There will be faint screams. Ignore that. There will be strawberry jelly everywhere. Ignore that. There will be reinforcements, Get the TNT ready.
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Re: Metropolis Blog

Ah it's good to see another violent assosciate full of wicked plans to eradicate the inhabitants of the realms of Minecraft....

If the evil little Steves are still there, then remember: The AI to the morons are horrible, make them fall into a purposely place lava pit. Or a ravine. Or a ravine with lava and a telsa coil filled with TNT and a pressure pad, with your weapons ready (Knifes, Musket, Flail, Rocket launcher, Etc.).
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Re: Metropolis Blog

Rocket launcher ? Explain yourself , how do i make such a weapon of mass destruction. Also u know tnt cannons, what would happen if i made a nuke cannon :) ....

Unfortunately nukes don't really propel other nukes as far as you think they would, also they have the downside of destroying obsidian.

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Re: Metropolis Blog

I did it ! I made a nuke cannon :) , sadly the nuke has a too long charge time for it to explode in mid-air but it worked :P ! Also nukes can destroy obsidian apparently... this could be used in very epic ways ... muehehehe . I didn't nuke the nearby village though...

Here are some pictures:

Nuke is primed:


Charge explodes:


Nuke in mid-air(look carefully)


Nuke has detonated(im also safe and sound :P ):


Anyone know a mod with rockets preferably remote control, that would be epic! Maybe we can even ride the nuke, but i think it loses collision once primed.

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Re: Metropolis Blog

Anyone know a mod with rockets preferably remote control, that would be epic! Maybe we can even ride the nuke, but i think it loses collision once primed.

Why not try installing SDK's Gun Mods? Install it without the FPS part, and it doesn't use any block ids. (maybe just a few, I can't really be bothered checking right now :P). You get a nice shiny laser guided rocket launcher, plus headshots ;D The latest version doesn't use forge anymore, but it might still work. You can always use the old v4, you won't miss out on much. Also, you should be able to squeeze in the Explosives+ mod. Adds a lot of epic boom stuff. The Yogscast did a few videos on it earlier.

Sdks mods: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/86765-11-sdks-mods-v5-feb-18-forge-dropped/

Explosives+: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/830138-11-explosives-v27-explosivevolcanic/

Edit: Completely forgot, to get the config file for the Explosives+ mod, you'll need to run it somewhere with more free ids first. The config isn't created unless Minecraft is actually done loading, which won't happen with the Technic Pack because of all the used block ids. You can change them afterwards.

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Re: Metropolis Blog

Thanks but i hate SDK's gun mod, waaay to unbalanced. Anyway to jwillie i had 5 charges and a total of 6 repeaters ,4 set on full and 2 set to default. The Nuke has too long of a fuse to detonate mid-air but that's a good thing :)

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