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[1.7.10] Legendary Hard Mode [PvE/PvP][45+slots] [XxXtra Hard Mode]

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Welcome to xXx-tra Hard Mode!!!

Harder than bedrock...


IP: Ehm.pvp-legends.net

Teamspeak: ts.pvp-legends.net

Forums: pvp-legends.net

Mod Pack: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/xxx-tra-hard-mode.514072


Forge+Forge Pack: https://copy.com/sranvERQKe4l8cOM



Do not be toxic to the community

No hacking/No Glitching/No Exploits

No Racism

No Griefing/Stealing

No spam

No advertising




So I hear you want to earn a dragon mount? Well, you will have to take down an Ender Dragon to do that. We trust you have prepared yourself for what is to come, I am here to assure you, you have not...


This game is based on the extra hard mode plugin in which we have added in a number of new mobs and abilities. They spawn at all times day and night, they can track you if you make noise, are injured and bleeding, or have light around your house. You have to keep track of your hydration, body temperature, sanity, and air quality as well. This is the hardest game of survival we could feasibly create, I cannot stress enough how important the 'read me' info is (posted below) and do not be afraid to join our Teamspeak and get some help there! 


This is a work in progress and still a beta release of the game! If the server is down, there is a file being updated or some form of configuration is taking place, check back in 15 minutes and be sure to always check the modpack before connecting, we update the mods with fixes almost daily atm.


Please remember that the fine tuning of balance can only be achieved over time. If you have ideas
on ways we can balance the game, please post them on the XxX-tra Hardmode Forum@ PvP-Legends.net And please, 
be constructive and specific. Saying, 'Mobz 2hrd, NeRF yo!' does not help. However: 'Dark Skeleton General's
extra mob spawn rate is to overwhelming for single player, I think if there were an extra 3 seconds between 
spawn times it would be work. Oh and bring their hearts down from 300 to 280." Now that is a helpful comment!
Okay, on to important game stuff...




(aka 'read me')

- Smart Moving is AWESOME! 30 sec video on how to use it:

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We added dragon mounts as a prize to the end. So now, when you beat the end, you can hatch the dragon egg and recieve a dragon mount! If you get more than 1 dragon egg (since the end resets upon completion) you can breed your dragons. There are different types, the standard ender dragon is one, then there are forest dragons, fire dragons, ice dragons, ghost dragons and aether dragons!


Good luck!!

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Modpack has been updated, and the server is live once again. Sorry for the downtime on the beta, but with spigot 1.8's release we had to focus on our main server.


Spawn is currently under reconstruction until Enviromine adds worldguard support so you may see some out of place pillars. This is so the roof does not cave in!

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The technic launcher seems to be experiencing a permissions issue which is why no one can connect with the launcher, you must use the direct download with forge until we get this sorted. 


In the meantime, there have been a few updates over the last few days. We have added backpacks, chest lockers, and soon to come is a custom ore which can be made into a custom armor and all number of weapons. Graphene (strongest metal known to man) is twice as durable as diamond, blocks twice as much damage, is enchantable, and requires wither skulls to craft each piece of armor or weaponry...


...and you will need it xD

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