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your favorite item names?


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I found this awesome bone club called "El Zilcho" the other day. It was awesome.

And an NPC was selling "Lovesocks" (They looked like leather boots, but I can't remember the stats on them. Lv. 10 village.)

I also found a "Robust Ring of Poor Eating Habits" (No effects.)

There are a few amusings in my chests somewhere, too..

"Ring, Fresh from the Sawmill!"

"Apocalypse Greaves"

"Brimming Helm that'd Slit it's Own Mother's Throat"

"Shortbow of SOULS..."

"Scout's Shortbow from Across the Border"

"Leather Tunic, Now with 50% MORE Durability!" (The funny thing is, it's only +47% Durability.)

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