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Home hosted survival server, custom pack with 220 mods.

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I host a custom modded survival server at home but at the moment I just play with some friends so ofcourse our community is quite small. So that's why we are searching for a few new people that will be active on the server. We do only accept people over 18 and expect you not to ruin everything for everybody. We would like it if you have discord and a descend mic but that's not a must. A big plus is if you speak dutch, we don't mind you speaking English we can do that too but all of the current players are Belgian.


Some basic rules:

- Use common sense

- No griefing, ofcourse that's an instant ban. (But you can claim your own chunks)

- Be nice to others

- Don't to anything you don't want others to do to you

- If you read the rules, answer rules questions with I consent

- Don't ruin the map by leaving half trees or 1x1 towers

- Act like an adult and just have fun on the server

- Don't make any structures that cause major lagg


The modpack:

If you get accepted we will send you the modpack and the server ip. It's on technic launcher and gets updated with mods people suggest and like. By now it's pretty complete and has about 210 mods.


The server:

I host the server at home on a dedicated pc. It has an 8-core processor and 8gb of ram. Enough for now.


Whitelist application: Answer in reply or dm me.


- IGN?

- Name / Nickname?

- Age?

- Timezone?

- Minecraft modded experience?

- Ever been banned before? If so, why?

- Have you read the rules?

- Why do you want to play on our server? Why should we accept you?

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- IGN? Beldhyr

- Name / Nickname? Beldhyr will do fine. 

- Age? 39

- Timezone? EST

- Minecraft modded experience? I have mostly played in 1.7.10 modpacks.  That's where the culmination of my experience has accrued.  I usually get involved in a modpack that includes both chisel and microblocks.

- Ever been banned before? If so, why? No.

- Have you read the rules? Yes. I Consent.

- Why do you want to play on our server? Why should we accept you? I want a whitelisted server with some duration (more than 6 months...preferably years).  I put myself toward LARGE projects, and have yet to see a server last long enough to complete them.

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- IGN: saker277

- Name / Nickname: saker

- Age: 25

- Timezone: EST

- Minecraft modded experience: Been playing modded minecraft for about 5 or 6 years now. Most recently Ive been playing the 1.7.10 pack but its hard to find a decent small server for it.

- Ever been banned before? If so, why? Never been banned 

- Have you read the rules: Yes, I consent

- Why do you want to play on our server? Why should we accept you? I like to play on small, home hosted, whitelist servers mainly because the people there make the experience better. I mainly keep to my self and dont bother others, enjoy a good conversation while Im working and am always willing to offer help if asked. Unfortunately I dont know any dutch so I hope that just english is good enough.

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