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  1. Mod loader is built into forge, just install forge, no need to install both
  2. If that failed I think your Internet might be blocking technic's servers. If this is correct, I dont really know what to do
  3. Get rid of the .technic folder in %appdata%/roaming
  4. Decrease the amount or ram you allocate. I had mine at 6gb but it runs better at 2gb, try it, see if it makes a difference
  5. You will have to transfer the cofh config files that store the data for ore gen
  6. There is a short and sweet guide on the tinkers construct forum page, it tells you everything you need to know to make the basic tools
  7. You do know that theyve just released a new game scrolls and are working on that as hard as minecraft,
  8. Did you install nei and codeChickenCore both into the COREMODS folder
  9. PowerCrystals Power Converters, energy links have been replaced with a better solution though
  10. They've been working on their own server hosting and mod and texture pack api, they've fixed many many many bugs. And you should give them credit. I would think that having my mod implemented into vanilla minecraft would be a privelige and people should be pleased
  11. I'm getting end of stream messages while trying to login to the server, i think it would be 3am New York time
  12. How much ram have you allocated to the launcher?
  13. No lie but my minecraft installation runs best at 0.5 gb of ram with permgen on try at least 1-2 gb of ram and it should work fine
  14. I think it's cofh core that is causing this. KakerMix says this is intentional but if you want to remove this delete the cofh folder from the config in the .technic hexxit folder
  15. Why would you want to install optifine, forge for 1.5.2 has increased the fps of minecraft by 75% and by my experience, sorts out hd textures without the need for optifine
  16. The latest java for osx mountain lion will not work sometimes, I know for a fact it won't work with ftb and since I updated it has crashed me as we'll, but I can still play, have you tried backin up your worlds and resetting the pack
  17. For some reason cofh core is installed( the core mod for thermal expansion) but this is also used for the ore generation on big dig, so all the ore everywhere must be coming from cofh core as that is a mod that was designed for ore generation
  18. I can only hear mob sounds but nothing else, I bet it's just teething problems
  19. Give it chance it's only been released for an hour!
  20. IGN alexbilb Age 13 Why Horizon I want a hexxit server to play on , this is the first and it looks promising What is your goal on the server. To get my grips with the modpack and explore the dungeons and have fun!
  21. Everybody has been downloading at once, it happened with tekkit too
  22. After just 2 mins of playing Hexxit, i thought to myself, This is unique, something new to play with after just endless tech mod packs, something fresh to play with and half the mods in Hexxit, Ive never heared of, so reply and tell everybody if you like the new hexxit.
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