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  1. After an update of the launcher and tekkit lite, (I'm on a MacBook Pro btw) whenever I tried to run tekkit lite or another modpack it would just go to a black screen and then just close, but I finally got it working, and it just LAGS so much,
  2. I can't help solve it but it looks like the codechickencore core mod can't find the server version of codechickencore, are you sure you might accidentally deleted it out of your servers coremods
  3. Did mettalurgy get replaced? Thank you. I've been trying to add factorisation to big dig and there were incompatibility issues with the two mods, I hope It works now.
  4. Are you running big dig 1.2 on 1.4.7 or big dig 1.3 on minecraft 1.5.2, if you are on 1.5.2 you have the wrong glsl version get the 1.5.2 version
  5. The minecraft logins were down, but they're supposed to be resolved now
  6. Ok, I have no idea how to use logistic pipes so ill just use one me network in the over world
  7. Does anybody know if you can have the same ME network across dimensions, i have a base in a mystcraft world and in the overworld, but i cant link my two networks together, is this possible?
  8. Just load up chunks that you haven't visited before an all the ores from the new mods will be there
  9. Sorry, i didnt have enough diagnostics to make a full post, but i do now. Just in general, no worlds will load up, i have not added or removed any mods or changed config files. I deleted the folder and made a fresh install, but that still wont work. it gets stuck on Building Terrain. can you load up your worlds anybody? Oh and by the way im running an 2011 iMac 21".
  10. I bet this could be a hack/mine update to 1.5 or a magic pack, all the modpacks that technic have made haven't included heavy magic, just the ee3 and mystcraft, it's not very magicy. It would be nice if technic made a modpack dedicated to mods like Xenos requinalary (did I spell it right?) and thaumcraft style mods
  11. You don't sign in with ur technicpack.net account, that's just for making custom modpacks, you have to sign in with your normal minecraft/mojang account
  12. Immibis microblocks is a good idea for little blocks and single player commands for worldedit
  13. Place down a full redstone energy cell next to the sealer
  14. I've made my own modpack with rail craft ic2 and thermal expansion. All the mods load successfully while downloading and it launches with forge, but its telling me that fml has found one mod missing: forge. What does this mean?
  15. This isn't the correct place to ask this question, this area is for help about custom modpacks and the launcher, not in game mods
  16. Does anybody know If there is a sphax pure bdcraft texture support for the new tekkit, I've tried to do this manually but it would be a lot easier if they added it to the mod support page on the bdcraft forums
  17. It works just as good as the jar file, even better without the org.spoutcraftlauncher highlighting on the dock, it just says Spoutcraft. Thanks so very much!
  18. could you give me a download link for this technic app file? I hate the .jar file coming up, i cant actually find the windows icon on google images to paste onto the jar file
  19. I was just wondering, is there any mod that replaces the funcionality of the red power 2 micro blocks?
  20. Yes, on the latest version of the new tekkit
  21. Ive tried that, but it just takes me back to the overworld
  22. I've been messing around with the new tekkit on a creative server, and I've tried to go to the moon with galacticraft mod, but according to the spaceship control, I need a parachute to place in the galacticraft inventory. I've tried changing the controls, deleting and reinstalling tekkit but nothing works. Any help?
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