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  1. I was literally just walking. I had just finished clearing out a small Ancient Warfare tower (looked like a watchtower deal) and took it over as my base, and was heading out to look for materials to build a TC smeltery. I walked away, maybe 3 or 4 chunks distant, and it just suddenly crashed. No flying or anything else fancy, just me and my iron sword, hopping over a water block. Had to move my player back to the tower via MCEdit in order to even load the game again. I suspect it has something to do with something in the worldgen
  2. There's a known issue where it wipes the inventory of BOTH bodies/shells/whatever.
  3. That's what I was thinking about. Oops. Once I set up a unifier to filter before putting ingots into my PR pipes, I stopped having the problem, and my memory burped.
  4. Post in the tracker with a link to the crash log.
  5. Witchery poppet shelves seem to always be active, and are getting a little ridiculous on our server. I tried to disable them by putting this into forgeChunkLoading.cfg Witchery { I:maximumChunksPerTicket=0 I:maximumTicketCount=0 } But, according to Opis, they're still loading. Derp. Nevermind. Case matters. Changing it to "witchery" appears to have worked. More coffee...
  6. Copied/pasted from tracker. (Also if you figure this one out, please share. I've had the same problem in ABT) Hexxit 2.0.1 beta - Type of Bug: In-Game Bug - Reproduction rate: 10/10 - Steps to reproduce: Open Hexxit (Latest) Clicked Singleplayer Opened savegame - Expected result: Game loads - Observed result: Minecraft crashes and the launcher reappears - Logs: Original Crash: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8038826/ On Load: http://paste.ubuntu.com/8038854/
  7. Seems to depend on the block. GC blocks don't smelt, which is particularly amusing since dumping, for example, molten copper into the casting basin gives you a block of GC copper.
  8. Would you prefer bugs and crash reports be reported in this thread, or on the Hexxit tracker? (probably should have asked this before posting this one.
  9. This. This right here. EXACTLY what I needed. THANK YOU.
  10. I'm not trying to end the process: that's trivial (/kill <pid> on linux): I'm trying to force a crash. Two very different things.
  11. The "Relevant response" I got is the not altogether unreasonable suggestion that I try to reproduce the problem without cauldron(using stock server, I assume). The problem with doing that is that I don't know how to reproduce the crashes, and doing that live and waiting for the crash to come about organically is pretty much impossible: all of our anti-griefing protections come from plugins: it would be a disaster. Now I'm reduced to trying to set up crayfish ovens and crafter pipes in a distant, unused, and deletable region, to "inspire" the server to crash...
  12. It's not my server, I'm just the volunteer admin: but I was referring to working too hard at actual work (where I also admin non-MC linux servers, as well as other things...)
  13. Wow... I completely blanked on "threadlock." It would have made explaining my problem that much clearer. I think I've been working too hard.
  14. I didn't know he'd hit the goal, so I'll try that first. The IRC channel was no help. No one could seem to understand why I'd want to do that. Thanks!
  15. I'm trying to deal with an odd problem where our server crashes, but it doesn't "crash-crash"; that is, the process stays alive, but is in a state where it doesn't respond, the server loop doesn't appear to be running, etc... This is particularly obnoxious because it means that neither auto-restarts, nor notifications work to get it back on it's feet (spigot restart-on-crash just makes it spam the server log with "Unknown command" errors forever) Is there a way to induce a crash with Cauldron (git-Cauldron-MCPC-Plus1.6.4-1.965.21.89 (MC: 1.6.4)), the way F3-C crashes the client? I suspect that the problem is in one of the plugins, but without a reliable way to make it crash (instead of just "at the worst possible time" the way it seems to choose on its own), it's going to be tricky to troubleshoot.
  16. Well, for anyone else that might find the info useful, the only way I found was to grab the player's .dat file (in Maps/players/ on our MCPC+ server) and open it up with NBTExplorer. I'd rather have something to do it realtime, but you take what you can get, and at least that's one fewer hiding spost!
  17. Now that I find myself on the side of the angels in the everlasting arms race with dupers, griefers, and thieves, one mod on our server (ABT) has me stymied. BetterStorage, TE , and Crayfish all have admin overrides, Essentials lets me /invsee and /enderchest, but I can't seem to find any way to poke my nose into the backpacks. I was hoping some helpful server-staffing colleague might know of something that fits the bill or, failing that, at least know whether it's even possible to access it with the plugin API (if the latter, I'll get to writing it myself!) Thanks in advance for any information you can share.
  18. I'm trying to blacklist strongboxes to eliminate the item duplication glitch, but every time I change the file, it seems to blank out the entry when I start the server. drawbridge { # Add block or item IDs that should not be placed from the drawbridge S:"Drawbridge Blacklist" < > } I'm changing that to read drawbridge { # Add block or item IDs that should not be placed from the drawbridge S:"Drawbridge Blacklist" < 1970:1 1970:2 1970:3 1970:4 > } But it won't take. What stupid mistake am I making? Is that the wrong way to express the list of blocks? if so, what's the right one?
  19. I submit that the portal and gravity gun would be more thematically fitting than Railcraft: the theme is "mad science" (with Witches, for some reason...) and they definitely fit.
  20. The portaspawner is the only legit way I can think of. There *is* a way, albeit roundabout, that a silk touch pick can make the process of obtaining one somewhat less painful: Collect a bunch of redstone ore and pulverize it. That has a chance of producing cinnabar as a secondary result. If you put the cinnabar in an induction smelter with ferrous ore, it has a 100% chance of producing the elusive shiny metal, as opposed to the much lower chance you get by pulvierizing the ferrous directly. Should make getting the enderium go more smoothly.
  21. Without a plugin like worldedit, the only way I know of would be to load the world up in MCEdit and use the "remove entities" function.
  22. Meaning they'll spawn if your nearby, they'll spawn if you're far away (but the chunk is still loaded)? They'll spawn they'll spawn and they'll spawn some more? Okay, I'm clearly punchy and going to bed now...