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  1. IGN: ZombieJesus14 Age: 19 Favorite mod: Advanced genetics Reason for joining: Trying to find a respectful server where everyone is friendly and maybe do some pranks or something and no one freaks out and griefs you. By applying for the whitelist you agree to abide by the rules set on the server. Do you understand this? Yes i do If you could have one thing added to the server what would it be? A mini game world that does event every other night
  2. Name: Greg Age: 19 In-Game name: ZombieJesus14 How much do you know about the Modpack: i know alot about this mod pack ive been playing it for a long time now Why should i pick you: because im not a guy to go out and ruin things that people are building and i will help people with things on the server if they are looking for help. Are you a Adventure/Builder/Crafter: i am all three on this mod pack
  3. IGN: ZombieJesus14 Age: 19 i can be on almost everyday! thanks for reading
  4. In Game Name: ZombieJesus14 ~Age:19 ~Skype Name (can be sent in a private message for privacy!): greg.price147 ~Country of residence:Canada ~How familiar are you with Attack of the B-Team and Modded Minecraft?: very familiar ~What types of builds do you usually make?: anything i can think of at that time ~How active will you be on the server?: very active, mutiple times a week ~Have you read and accept the rules?: yes ~Have you played on any servers before, if so why did you leave?: i have been on servers before but i get griefed and raided so i quit because i spent days getting everything ready and then its gone ~You get pranked by another member of the server, how do you respond?: i respond with prank on them ~You accidentally let your nuclear reactor run for too long and it blows up all of your things, what do you do?: i rebuild everything and try again ~About you?:(This should include, Your inspiration for builds, YouTubers you enjoy, if you make YouTube videos, and maybe some personal attachments if you deem it necessary.) i enjoy generikb, bdouble0100, guude. i would love to get into making youtube videos but i dont really know how to start so i havent tried it yet thanks for reading my application
  5. IGN: ZombieJesus14 Age: 19 Where did you find out about this server: i found it on the forums why do you wish to join this server: because it is a trusted community. when you go on a server that is public you always get your stuff stolen when you log off. do you have prior knowledge of the b-team modpack? : yes ive been playing modded minecraft pack for about 2 years now and the b-team pack is so far my favorite. what do you hope to try out/ achieve on the server? : i would like to be able to be play and have the easiest and best power system on the server for everyone to use cake or death? : Cake obviously. its the best thing in the world other then games!
  6. IGN: ZombieJesus14 Skype Name: greg.price147 Reason you would like to join my server: i would like to join your server because i wanna be able to play this mod without having to worry about being griefed and be in a nice community where you can prank and joke with everyone and no one freaks out and steals all your stuff. Age: 19
  7. greg.price147 is my skype! i would love to play on your server!
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