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  1. My skype is: mysticrose222000 Cant recieve calls though :/
  2. Minecraft Username: ZillyZoo Skype: mysticrose222000 (Can't due calls though) Why do you want to join?: Good question actually. I have been searching for a small community of minecrafters that enjoy playing with others that have respect in one another and have some friendly fun. Plus any other public servers I go play on I get griefed. What aspects will you bring to the server?: Well for one I have humor and I am extremely friendly. I play fair and plus I am a semi-good builder and have some knowledge to some of the mods. How often can you play and timezone: I'm a high schooler so I can play when I dont have homework after school and on the weekends. MDT Anything else?: Not really, just hoping I get to play with some amazing people!
  3. IGN: ZillyZoo Real Name: Dee Skype(Op): I have one but dont remember it xD Age (We accept all ages): 15 (16 very soon) What Mods are you best at? (For your shop): Well I am good at Tinkers and a little bit at Carpenters Tell me about yourself: I am a very laid back sophomore who is some times forgetful but is mostly goofy and likes to make everyone smile Timezone: U.S. Mountain day light time Maturity Level 1-10 and whit (Just to see if your Sane or not lol): I would say 9.5 the reason being I had grown up around adults my whole childhood and barely made friends because of that.
  4. IGN: ZillyZoo Age: 15 Location: South Dakota, US Time I will be on?: If accepted I will be on 24/7 My Email: [email protected] I dont have anything like skype or teamspeak Knowledge about Minecraft: I have played Minecraft for about 3 years and I have been playing b-team for little more then a year.
  5. Age: 15 IGN: ZillyZoo Why I want to join: I am experienced with many of the mods in this pack as well as I want to be in a close and friendly community who are able to help one another. What I plan on doing: Well, I would like to do some kind of tinker's construct or bakery.
  6. I would love to join! I am a pretty decent builder but more importantly I am just fun to have around. ^^ I dont grief, pvp, or anything like that. I just want to be a peaceful member of the server that just loves to play
  7. 1. In Game Name: Z1lla2oo 2. Skype Name: Don't have one as of this moment 3. Reason to join: I hate how on public servers people steal, grief and kill without permission as well as disobeying them if the server so none of those things are allowed. I also want to be on a small friendly server where people are willing to help others and will treat other with respect! 4. Age: 14
  8. Minecraft name: Z1lla2oo Age: 14 gender: female contry/nationality: United States Favorite mod or specialism: I would have to say I the micro blocks as well as tinker's construct. Specialism? Maybe building, some say I am good at it but I never asked for feed back
  9. I would love to join this server! The reason is that I hate people going and killing me without asking as well as people stealing my things I worked hard for! I don't grief so no need to worry about that either and I absolutely hate other people destroying my buildings! Hope I can join the server though! ING: Z1lla2oo
  10. In Game Name: Z1lla2oo How long have I played Minecraft/B-team: Minecraft I've played for 2 or 3 years. B-team has been almost a year or so How often do I play Mincraft/B-team: Constantly, or when I can get to the computer to play. Age: 14 Other info: I have experience with building as well as some of the mods within this server! I am a girl who likes to help others when they need it!
  11. 1. In game name: Z1lla2oo 2. Age: 14 3. Experience with AOTBT: I mess around with it. Try out each mod to see which ones I like which is many so far. So I would have to say I have a lot of experience but still learning! 4. Skype name: Dont currently have a skype as of yet. 5. Personality: Generous, able to listen to anyone's problems, OCD about most things, Caring, Smart. 6. Good at Building?: I would have to say I am decent at building but not an expert 7.Why should you be accepted?: I basically just want a server with people who are willing to share and care. I personally hate people who grief my buildings and steal all my stuff I worked hard on getting! But I am a nice girl who is quiet and willing to help others in need. 8. Anything you would like to share about yourself (Optional): I am quiet and shy at first, but once you get to know me I am a wild one xD 9. Favorite mod in the modpack: Witchery, Tinker's construct, Mr. Crayfish's furniture mod, Chisel, Microblocks 10. Would you be interested in donating to help the server to stay afloat? (Decision will not affect whitelist): I guess if the server really needs the money I will donate but only till then will I help out. I, ZillyZoo, have red the rules and have accepted them with pride and honor
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