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  1. Delete C:/Users/Anton/.technic/modpacks/attack-of-the-bteam/saves/mapwriter_sp_worlds/Whos_The_B_Team/mapwriter.cfg
  2. Strongboxes from Thermal Expansion. They aren't as well known as Iron Chests, but are quite nice especially on servers. They can be locked, and whitelisted via a friendslist. Also you can break them and they keep their contents. The top tier one is quite expensive (and huge internally), but the others are reasonable especially with B-Team's ore gen.
  3. I disagree on every point. BC has some neat things...gates in particular but its energy storage (none) and generation are silly and behind the times. IC2 was nice once upon a time, but has become tedious and stale. The steam dynamo creates its own steam, Just add coal/charcoal and water! Forestry outside of Gregtech and IC2 is the definition of tedious. Besides, MFR can handle all of your automated farming needs. Thaumcraft, again tedious and lacking a lot of the things in older versions that made the mod fun. Iron chests is a great mod, but the Thermal Expansion strongboxes are pretty close, and better suited to SMP play. This modpack obviously isn't a tech pack, and I like that it showcases a lot of lesser known and less established mods. The inbred Forgecraft scene needs a little shaking up imho.
  4. Since you are able, you should update to the most recent 64bit Java, 1.7.0_51 I believe. It should help a great deal.
  5. http://teamcofh.com/index.php?page=cyclic-assembler
  6. Which commands did you use? Also, it obviously is not a stock B-Team server. What mods or plugins have you added? or have you removed any? Any changes from stock at all? Which server version are you using? Do you get the lag spikes with no users connected? Any oddities in the server console/log?
  7. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2104497-164server-admin-opis-112-alpha-now-with-entity-support/
  8. This is without a doubt a version mismatch between your client and the server you are trying to connect to. Can you find out what version the server is currently using?
  9. This is because your client version does not match the server version. It is likely the server needs to update, or you could temporarily revert your client to an older version via the cogwheel on the lower left of the B-Team icon.
  10. Can you provide a pastebin link of the crashlog?
  11. Can you provide a pastebin link to the crashlog?
  12. There is a mod called Opis that should help you figure out what is causing the problem. Usually the problem comes from a lot of items on the ground or a runaway mob spawn although there could be a number of other causes. http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/2104497-164server-admin-opis-112-alpha-now-with-entity-support/
  13. Follow these instructions: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/1544257-172shaders-mod-v237-updated-by-karyonix/page__st__4600__p__24582828#entry24582828 You will get the odd visual anomaly, but it does work.
  14. That could possibly work, but there are two problems: He would not be able to join any servers unless there are some that have removed Necromancy as well. Not likely. And if his card actually does not support shaders it is likely that he is going to have other problems even if this problem is fixed. The best and first step is to find out if that is actually the problem and not a borked install.
  15. That is the offending error. It would appear that your computer's video system does not support shaders. But to be certain we would need to know more about your PC and what sort of video card you are using.
  16. This thread died about 6 pages ago, trying to rescue it is beyond hopeless and probably beneath you. Anyway, the flight thing you brought up...well, it is pointless to worry about any sort of balance issues in a mod pack that farts in the face of any sort of seriousness and "balance". And lastly...Wow there are lot of people taking a block game far too seriously. Me? I think I'll go riding a dinosaur as a ghast wearing a pig for a hat and wielding a frying pan into the nearest village and steal all of their carrots.
  17. Kick off those fancy shoes and dangle your tootsies in the water. It is quite refreshing.
  18. I think you may be missing something here. Right now, people are complaining about what could happen. Later, there could be complaints about what is happening. Those two groups of complaints will turn into complaints about what has happened. All those complaints will stick except for the most loyal and rabid fans. They will linger and not be forgotten. It most certainly is about money. FTB would not have become a business right before this deal, and Curse would not have even entertained the idea otherwise. No amount of spin can change that. ad.fly, ad clicks, youtube and streaming views - Modding's seedy underbelly. The kids don't care, but the rest of us know where the drama really comes from. As far as improving services, everyone here can see the potential. No one has stated otherwise. The argument is over conflicts of interest. It can work, but eventually all parties (FTB, Curse, the modders, and the end users) are going to have to make concessions outside of the deal itself as we know it. Most think, and I feel rightly so, that Curse will be unwilling to make those concessions which will put a great deal more pressure on the other parties and most likely leave them disenfranchised. And once again, I would like to point out that Mojang can bring this all crashing down at any point. Personal relationships aren't an issue here. You don't need contracts for those. You don't even need a business or to grow it.
  19. It just doesn't work like that. Never has, and never will. Pop culture is littered with popular brands making bad mistakes. They may limp along for a while afterwards, but they always carry the stigma of that bad mistake, and never fully recover their status from before. If Mojang can hold Curse to the ideals that Mojang seem to hold dear as far as modding goes, then there is a chance that it could work. FTB will also have to alter their favorite mantra as well though. Two very big IFs there. FTB will have lost a large chunk of time. And while we may complain about how slow modding moves at times, any time away can leave you far behind. 6 months from now we are looking at MC version 1.9 or even 2.X. It won't be trivial. Curse would have their foot in the door, which would be a big boost for them. They already have more eyes looking at them than Technic and FTB combined I imagine. I can't say for certain, but I imagine the MCF pulls outrageous numbers. They only need something, almost anything really, that looks and behaves like a launcher along with few ads on it, and they have a whole new source of income. Curse still has the MCF Modding forum. There is this potential bugaboo from the recent EULA changes: "Any tools you write for the Game from scratch belong to you. . Modifications to the Game ("Mods") (including pre-run Mods and in-memory Mods) and plugins for the Game also belong to you and you can do whatever you want with them, as long as you don‘t sell them for money / try to make money from them. We have the final say on what constitutes a tool/mod/plugin and what doesn‘t." If/when Mojang care enough to enforce this rule, Curse will most definitely capitulate. Based on history, Mojang won't do anything until some drama arises. I am certain there will be drama. Curse has nothing to lose with a lot to gain, while FTB can lose a lot and gain little. That doesn't sound like a good idea to me. FTB would have been better off partnering with Technic pooling resources to compete with Curse. But, well...lol. I guess you can't dance with the devil you made.
  20. Well, dang. My questions didn't get answered, though I can hazard a guess at what the answer might be. "We literally havent even started on this yet and most certainly do not have all the answers to all the questions at this time, just a broad outline of an idea."
  21. Excuse me while a babble and ramble on for a bit... I am one of the ones that believes Mojang will accomplish their goals. Their API should make it even easier to mod Minecraft and to have those mods work together without the most basic of conflicts. They have also shown that they wish to have a more open modding community most notably via their recent EULA changes. They have also expressed in the past a desire for a centralized repository for mods. They are also one of two entities within the community the I trust to do right by the end user (Technic being the other). Thankfully Mojang holds all of the trump cards. Curse's motives, for the most part, are concerned with revenue. They likely desire to continue to be the go to place for minecraft with modding included, and it would seem have their eyes on the repository part of Mojang's goal where they can approach Mojang and say "Look we've already done it for you!" Of course there will be ads and likely some sort of premium service. They will most definitely do what Mojang asks. FTB's motive, at least the very outspoken one, is permissions. Restricting the end user experience based on wide ranging and often arbitrary rules (which aren't directly FTB's fault.) Now, all that said...their seems to be at least one major conflict here. Mojang has already stuck down mod DRM for being too restrictive, destructive, and basically silly. Will they not do the same for permissions? How can you enforce permissions without being restrictive, destructive, or silly? How are the modders going to feel about Curse making a mint off of their work if they were so up in arms over others that weren't trying to? Why would Curse expend the energy on something that might not last, won't make them revenue, and likely would restrict revenue? Or is it all about respect again?
  22. I wonder a lot of things, but honestly this is not one of them. Who cares really? The only people that are concerned about this sort of thing are trifling, sad, and hilarious at the same time. Lighten up, play the mods you feel like playing, and have fun.
  23. Yeah, I get it. It does nothing to help your cause. Just calling you out for what you are.
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