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  1. The first couple of Google results don't look too promising. All of them that I saw describe issues with the custom blocks and GUIs.
  2. The Tekkit / Technic launcher is Spout based, I'm not sure of the compatibility that you're looking for, but I don't see why a Spout based launcher wouldn't play nice with a Spout Plugin.
  3. Blue Moon if I'm drinking beer, and either Jack Daniels or Lucid Absinthe if im looking to have a "good" time.
  4. I give each one a fair go. Who knows, you may find something new and cool you didn't know about.
  5. I've already stolen all of your personal information as we speak, payday loans here I come...
  6. This would get more views posted here: http://forums.technicpack.net/forums/lets-play-pavillion.40/
  7. Just watch out for this "Jorcer" guy. He will hack anyone in a heartbeat.
  8. Nope, this isn't safe. It's huge, festering cess-pool that only people like the YogsCast and Sundee and thousands of other people use on a regular basis.
  9. Hunter / Hunted was a cool little old PC game that not too many people had. Also, Pod Racers was cool too. (and I don't mean Star Wars)
  10. The link says that the video doesn't exist.
  11. And I don't rightly give a damn. "Good music" is subjective.
  12. The recruitment thread is your best bet for something like this.
  13. Then make your own bug report and don't necro a 3 month old thread. 'd
  14. Except for they may not have "won" per-say so much as "The Originals" (TM Hushful 2012 ) made them to preserve themselves and to keep the cycle of synthetic over taking life from happening again... even though that is exactly WTF happens every time...
  15. Oh, and for *hating* wings, you sure draw them well.
  16. Well, let's be real for a second about a prequel. They have established that the Reapers come every 50,000 yrs like clockwork. The kid at the end says this has been going on for eons. Most people already know, eon = one million years. They have *plenty* of time to play around in. They could work backwards every time to the previous Reaper invasions all the way back to the beginning when the penultimate precursor race created the Reapers and set them on their path.
  17. You get my point though. It, unfortunately, is not an isolated incident. ME2 was the best one for me. It felt less rushed, more polished, and just a better game in general than its predecessor or successor. Edit: Them going back to the Contact War would be cool. Or they have the Protheans and countless eons before now, go back to when the Reapers were first made or something.
  18. Unfortunately the "shitty artistic choice ending" is becoming a thing now. AC3 had the same half-assed, rushed out ending that made no sense with little to no explanation.
  19. Yea, right up until the last ten to fifteen minutes of it.
  20. I watched some of it. It was an interesting process to see.
  21. I played like that for the longest time in technic. Some us would rather just play and deal with crap FPS than not play at all.
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