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  1. Looks interesting. I will be keeping up with it.
  2. The first one looks awesome. CheapShot is the master of trolling...
  3. Or they could just, I don't know, use Google and figure it for themselves like most people do.
  4. You have to land before you access them or it will crash every time.
  5. He did the comics on the yogscast website for one.
  6. Or spawn in the eyes and spam them like crazy until you find one...
  7. It does look like it kind of shifts center to your left, but it really does look great, especially for a first build.
  8. "C418 - 72 Minutes of Fame" is a great album if you like techno / ambient / house.
  9. When you get the texture pack, make sure you get the addons for technic / tekkit.
  10. The reason it looks different is because the people you are watching on YouTube are using Sphax x64 HD texture pack. Also, the 7 versions behind is just MAtmos, don't worry about it, it won't affect anything.
  11. I'll tell you how, stop being a and buy the game. That's how.
  12. Hushful


    Shepherd's pie for sure.
  13. Hey, I just heard your song, and it drives me insane, So please stop singing it, before I put a bullet in my brain!

  14. PC isn't an operating system and we really need the log to be able to help.
  15. There are also mods to add named NPCs to the game. 3/10 for effort.
  16. Please post a bug report so we can help you better.
  17. Sure it does. The white is direct natural light and the luminators and torches give off that ambient orange light. It's part of the lighting engine that makes it do that.
  18. You only have a light level of 7 or 8 reaching the floor so that could be why.
  19. So much wrong here. You should try using the recruitment thread.
  20. While I think you probably could have avoided the three month thread necro and made your own thread, I will answer your question anyway. The auto-save feature, which would explain the 30 minute intervals, causes the lag spike of death. I play on a very low end machine but still never get this lag spike. Are you sure you don't have any of the serious lag offenders like crystal chests, teleport pipes, are huge amounts of drops in your world?
  21. It's because an energy link will drain all available EU. If you have an energy link in the line before your machines, they will never get power.
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