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  1. I think you should post this in the suggestions thread.
  2. You and I both. It's like watching a child grow... a filthy, sailor mouthed child. [sarcasm] Why in fuck can we still post in a closed thread though? The OP clearly closed it, yet it is ridden with every swear under the sun short of twat waffle and I just added that one... [/sarcasm]
  3. I'll have you know that I've been to Branson (for reals) and I sped the whole way...
  4. Bringing your friends with you to a predetermined destination?
  5. Hoho, my good fellow, gentlemen do not settle disagreements with violence. You are starting to sound like the yanks. There is nothing that can not be discussed through civil debate, old boy. (Read all of the last few in an English accent, preferably like a blustery old man.)
  6. Righto, old chap. As soon as I am able to return to my domicile, I shall have a brew!
  7. That was quite unnecessary, my good fellow. I believe we should bury the hatchet, as it were, and retire to the local pub for a warm lager. What say you?
  8. No one can understand such fluff and flutter. Speak the King's English man!
  9. Fuck this shit. Threads like this are god diggity dang damned ridiculous. What the fucking hell farts are we to do now? Son of a bitch...
  10. My beard is the mightiest of all. The one known as Slowpoke could not even gaze upon its majesty without having his head implode from the overly manly beard that stood before him. Don't worry Cheap Shot, as long as you have been eating your daily intake of Kevlar your beard will actually become face armor and impenetrable to blades of all types!
  11. I'm still not following the logic. How does the loss of a YouTube series dictate the death of a mod pack? Just because people, albeit semi-famous people, switch to another mod pack does not mean that everyone will jump ship and go to another mod pack. If those people are that fickle, they would leave for some other inane, bullshit reason anyway.
  12. Why would this affect Tekkit? Yea, the Yogscast I'm sure drew some people to play Tekkit, but it was around before they played it and will be after they leave. Why stress about something that you have no control over?
  13. Quick and to the point. Jay? has the best solution for you right there. The style seems oddly familiar though. (Read: Technic Forums)
  14. There is a recruitment thread just for things like this. You'll have much better luck there.
  15. Your server properties shows that the server is in offline mode, switch it back to online and if you keep having the same problem, tell your buds from http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/tekkit-3-1-2-name-and-permission-error-on-server.31567/#post-264684 this thread to stop being a and buy the game. We don't condone piracy here.
  16. You would get much more help if this were in the bug report section, but you may not have enough RAM to run Tekkit if all you have is 1.5GB
  17. You should probably make this suggestion in the requests thread as doing it here will get little to no results.
  18. I just bought a PC from Ibuypower.com. AMD 4100 FX quad core 3.6GHz, 8GB DDR3 1333 RAM, NVidia GeForce GT 610 1GB, and a 500GB x7200 HDD, for $611. Don't go big name with computers, they over price everything with huge unnecessary mark ups. PS It runs Technic and Tekkit with a x128 HD texture pack at 100-175 FPS.
  19. I usually don't play SMP or record, so I haven't made my own, but I have only really used two skins and those were Link from The Legends of Zelda and Connor from AC3.
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