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  1. The original ending with out the "extended cut" left a crap ton of loose ends and plot holes wide open, and since this was the last Mass Effect with Shepherd in it, it made no sense to leave them open. This was either extreme oversight or a bad artistic decision. Either way, the backlash was large enough that we now have the extended cut endings which close those holes.
  2. I have no idea what you're talking about.
  3. The YogBox is in the technic launcher, or it used to be anyway.
  4. They may have removed it temporarily.
  5. They are in the launcher AFAIK, you just have to manually select your build.
  6. To give you a good idea, I had a computer with Windows XP, Dual core 2.3 GHz processor, a 5000 series Intel integrated Graphics chipset, and 2GB RAM and I had all the settings at minimum and I was only getting maybe 20 FPS. I bought a new computer with Windows 7, Quad Core AMD FX4100 3.6GHz, Nvidia GeForce GT 610 GPU, and 8GB of RAM and I get 100-175 FPS with all settings maxed and with a x128 HD texture pack. Hardware makes a huge difference.
  7. Go to the forum section that is literally right beneath this one and click submit a bug report...
  8. You need to make a bug report so we can assist you better.
  9. I thought all MAtmos was was the ambient sounds like the wind and frogs and stuff.
  10. Yea, it should show three times once it's updated then stop until the next update. I also wish the frequency of the sounds playing was a little toned back as it seems almost constant.
  11. I always forget about the F7 solution.
  12. It wasn't that one, but it could just be that someone copied it and reuploaded as it looks incredibly similar.
  13. That's MAtmos, don't pay it any mind as it won't affect your game. You can remove the MAtmos mod from the Mods folder to kill the sounds.
  14. I saw a guide recently with all of the recipes for uu-matter and it can make alot of items in game I don't know about the cables but most all of the vanilla blocks.
  15. There is a file called lastlogin, delete it and you'll be fine.
  16. That's funny stuff right there. I usually use some RP stuff, but I haven't ever went all out. I really do strive to have a good mix of all the mods.
  17. At least I was close. I still don't see why people do this to forums though. It serves no purpose, no reason. Why would someone pay someone else to make some post or a bot to post inane drivel on random forums?
  18. Is that when two calculus problems fight each other to the death in open arena combat?
  19. Well, say if I change over a room or entire building from being used as an oil refinery to item storage, I would need to change the entire layout of the building to remove wiring and walls where there no longer needed and redo all of the piping, wiring, and access areas needed to make the sorting and storage system work properly. Or it maybe that I have to add an entire extra floor just for storage area. It really all depends on how thorough, compact, and /or aesthetic you want your creations to be.
  20. It's supposed to be "small pink baby," you know English has one of the worst set of grammatical rules vs other languages...
  21. Macrorevision for me usually happens when a building is too small or no longer laid out properly to suit the purpose it was originally intended for. The change is more of a practicality decision on design. This may range from simply moving a wall out a few blocks to completely disassembling the entire building and starting from scratch with the intent of usage playing a large part in the buildings' design. Microrevision is more of the changes made due to aesthetic tastes such as changing what color wooden planks a building built from or what to plant in a flower pot or even making supports fo
  22. Your posting and reading skills are atrocious. There is a recruitment thread just for this sort of thing.
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