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  1. I was not prepared for that. I just started laughing and got stupid looks from two people. I do agree with you though, Jay?. They made an OK to good trilogy and need to leave it that way.
  2. I actually just read an article that BioWare is trying to crowd source for that exact answer. They are asking if you want to see a sequel or prequel.
  3. I do actually like to see some stuff like that. It gives me a greater appreciation of the work that goes into making art.
  4. You should try disabling your AV and firewall and try it again.
  5. There is also an option to allow you to manually select builds, always use dev builds, and another for always use rec builds. You have to select the one that manually lets you change it.
  6. Are you using a texture pack? Also, Optifine is known to cause texture issues.
  7. :cawg: At least you're honest. Either way, your art is amazing. Don't ever stop arting.
  8. I have an Nvidia GeForce GT 610 and have had zero problems with tekkit / technic. It more than likely is another culprit unless you changed some settings on the card itself.
  9. I love the water color effect. If you don't do this professionally, you should.
  10. The bug report form will have the fields for the info you need to fill in.
  11. I saw that insane rant. Dude went straight ape shit on someone who he will never ever find, and even if he was a Navy Seal, there is no way in hell he would go spouting off about all that. Great art! Love it. Do you use a tablet or just sit at a desktop?
  12. If you submit a bug report, we would be able to help you as this post does not contain nearly enough information for us to help you.
  13. I've had it for 4 years or so. That freaking game is amazing. What makes it even more awesome is with the new computer, it looks badass.
  14. I can't help it, I just really love music. I have two of the Guitar Hero games and all three RockBands. I also have Audiosurf for Steam and an amazing indie game in my Xbox Arcade called Beat Hazard. Think Asteroids played and affected by what music is playing. Edit: Xylord, check out my Steam profile next time you get a chance :)
  15. RPG reigns supreme for me followed by TBS, RTS, open world sandbox, music based, and then shooters. Examples are Skyrim (RPG), Chrono Trigger (TBS), Star Craft (RTS), any GTA ever (open world sandbox), Rockband (obvious), and Battlefield 2: Bad Company (shooter). It gets even better if some of them get mixed, as they often do, and make interesting combinations of genres.
  16. That was added in the expanded endings dlc. Either way, three decisions are insta-deaths and the fourth, you have to be essentially perfect the whole game to get the best ending and even then they only tease you as he could be alive or dead.
  17. Don't you think one of the mods would have said that by now if that was the case?
  18. You will probably have better luck in the recruitment threads or making a server post.
  19. If Eloraam added those that would be cool! I can't watch the video as the computer I use at work I'm fairly sure uses a cool ranch dorito as a processor. Also, in order for me to be "wrong again" I have to be wrong more than once. Cite your source.
  20. It may be due to personal disagreements between the pack developers and the modders, some modders may not want their mod in any mod packs, or it could be just that the mod has fallen into disuse and is no longer updated (YogBox).
  21. Well, if I remember correctly, BioWare is taking the same course with Mass Effect as UbiSoft is with Assassin's Creed, new main characters. They may be visited upon in the past or talked about in the future, but the possibility to play as them again is essentially nil.
  22. Why would perfection need improvement?
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