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  1. A large bank of cobble generators will produce tons of EMC. But If you are rich, then several MKIII power flowers would be infinitely faster. You really are limited in how you can accumulate EMC, but there definitely some designs out there that can be used for ways not originally intended.
  2. I don't believe in superstitions, luck or karma, but this year has been straight up bullshit.

  3. Another amazing comic, Soupa!
  4. Try checking out the whitelist server and deluxe server forum sections and they should have what you are looking for. (Avoid signing your posts in the future as it is against the rules)
  5. I'd love to help but without a log or even the Java or OS versions, I'm stuck.
  6. Hushful


    Deep fried Oreo cream pie.
  7. In this case a screen shot is worth a thousand bug reports. Can you post one so we can get a look at it?
  8. Somebody is gonna be visited by the stork soon. Duck and cover bro and hope it doesn't see you!
  9. You really shouldn't triple post as it is against the rules, use the edit button if you have to. Also, there are several guides online on how to install mods on your server. Try this
  10. I do not have skype and I'm currently at work anyway. Are you making sure all of the mods you are trying to add are the 1.2.5 Bukkit version of the mods?
  11. Crafting table 3 was removed because it was buggy, you may not want to add it back.
  12. If you have a whitelist, delete it and redo it. It may help.
  13. Hushful

    Brick Block

    We really need the error log to be able to help you. Also, Java 1.7 would probably be a better version to play this on.
  14. God damn, I just found this and it is utterly amazing! I thought I was all super cool with my machine bank and mini factory and now I feel like a caveman that's hitting myself in the head with rocks. Once again, amazing job Backplague!
  15. You can't just say stuff like that and not link to it! Come on man, show us the awesomeness!
  16. If you update your regular minecraft to 1.4.2 it will jack with technic. Completely delete everything again, turn off your AV and firewall, redownload only the technic launcher and give that a go.
  17. Update Java and disable your AV and firewall then try again.
  18. You are getting Vanilla Minecraft and Tekkit confused. There are indeed new sounds in vanilla, but that version is not the version currently being used by Tekkit or Technic. They both are currently using Minecraft 1.2.5, but their respective versions are 3.1.2 and 7.2. Also, this isn't exactly what could really be classified as a bug report.
  19. It's H *u* shful, no a. Try this http://forums.technicpack.net/threads/update-failed-and-a-solution.29102/
  20. Disable your AV and firewall, redownload it, and give it another go.
  21. Look up some of the threads having to do with MD5 mismatch and try their solutions.
  22. Look up some of the threads about MD5 mismatches and you only need the 64 bit Java. Having both is likely giving you troubles too.
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