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Claytonia Adventure RPG server


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What is Claytonia?
Claytonia is a relatively small community of gamers, playing just about any game people want to try.
We all centralize around our forums, and our Teamspeak server.
Our main player-base however, is in Minecraft. We host a Vanilla server and an
adventure RPG server.
Even if you don't want to play on our Minecraft servers, you're always welcome to join our
Teamspeak server and jump in some other games with us!
What we have
- A community of gamers, over numerous games - Not just Minecraft
- Our own forums, used constantly
- Our own Teamspeak server
- Multiple 'always up-to-date' Minecraft servers, with more popping up as we gain interest.
How to join
You can join Claytonia just by signing up on the forums,
To join the Adventure RPG server, just sign up to our forums, there you will find how to install the
custom mod pack and the IP for both the server and our team speak if you wish to use that. The
forum also contains the lore for the server.
If you have any issues or questions feel free to post on the forum or join our Teamspeak and we will
be happy to help.
You can join any of our other servers by signing up on our forums.
What is Claytonia's adventure RPG mod?
It is a mod-pack that adds new weapons, mobs, dungeons, and bosses to Minecraft without
changing the core mechanics that make Minecraft what it is. This creates a world with many new
and exciting possibilities.
What is Claytonia's Adventure RPG server?
Claytonia's Adventure RPG server is a quest and adventure based Minecraft server that uses a
number of mods based on Forge's Hexxit Modpack. It does not contain all the mods from Hexxit, and
it also has some extras, including one that is custom-made. All settings from all mods have been
tweaked to increase difficulty, and improve longevity.
For a full list of mods in the pack go here.
The server itself is an adventure Role-play server that focuses on questing and dungeon raiding.
Currently there are three races on the server.
 Elves: The forest-dwellers that are good at magic and ranged combat but are average at
 Dwarves: The mountain people who are poor at ranged combat and have no magic ability
but excel at melee combat.
 Humans: The plainsmen who are average at melee, range and magic.
What our server gives you.
 Each race has its own set of rules, perks and negatives.
 The server also has an in-depth questing system that uses the Custom NPC’s mod with new
quest created often to keep things fresh.
 The server is updated often with new features.
 Players are not required to Role play if they don’t want and can just adventure. But you are
still required to follow race rules.
1. Don't be an ass..
2. If it's not yours - Don't touch. (No griefing, raiding, or being an ass [see rule 1])
3. PVP is not allowed in Midrelm and only with permission from you opponent.
4. All other rules can be found here.
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It's a cool server that's had a lot of time and hard work put into it by players and admins alike. Good for those who like to explore and discover.

There's already been a couple factions popping up, dark mages, rangers, word of pirates going around too. Would love to see some new faces around here.

Our community is a blast and easy to make friends with, so stop on by if you're looking for a fun and mature group of players to hang out with. :)

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