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[TP][MOMEPack] MO.ME CORP [PvE][52 Slots][Whitelisted][Bukkit,GriefPrevention, LWC, CoreProtect, RP2

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Server Address: minecraft.occupies.me | Forum | Livemap

52 Slots - 24/7 - GriefPrevention - Multiworlds - Ontime & More!


Joining MOMECorp

Joining our server is straightforward. Just follow this guide, and you will be building with us in no time!

  • Sign up for our forums at http://geekplanet.ca/portal/forum
  • Add yourself to the MOME Members usergroup (instructions here)
  • Read our rules and FAQ
  • Apply to join on our forum --> viewforum.php?f=32
    (instructions and template for applying here)
  • Once your application is approved, log in and proceed through the MOME Academy. Read all of the screens in the Gold Hallway (the others are optional, but recommended) to review the rules. Follow their instructions to proceed.
  • After following instructions properly, you should appear in the Nexus, where you can teleport to a number of areas, including the Departures area. Follow that path to a shuttle that will take you to the MOMECorp Carrier in the overworld.


Welcome Recruits!

MO.ME Corp is once again recruiting for a new colonization mission. Our last project was a huge success, and those colonists who wish to continue their exploration and development may access the world here [download].

MO.ME Corp is an industry leading world exploration and colonization company, and currently we're looking to fufill several major resource extraction contracts and need reliable people to fill the following positions: chemists, weapons manufacturers, bakers, builders, excavators, farmers, fishermen, miners, soldiers, engineers, craftsmen, and foresters.

Join us on the MO.ME Orbital Station and sign up for lucrative pay, and endless opportunity. After a (relatively) save trip to the world via our patented 'MOMEShuttle' transport system you will be able to claim lands and establish your own colony. Work alone, or team up with friends.

Become a part of the premiere colonization and exploration experience, and join MO.ME Corp today!


We are a whitelisted server, and are looking to build a close-knit community of players who enjoy playing with each other as much as with the mods included in the tekkit mod pack.

Recruits are not expected to be tekkit experts, but should show responsibility and respect for the people we share our world with.


The MOMEPack

We run a custom pack via the Technic Platform, based on Tekkit Lite 0.59 but including:

Atomic Science, Dr Zark's Mo Creatures, ExtaBiomesXL, Forestry, Extra Bees, Liquid Metals, Power Converters, Thaumcraft, Thaumic Bees, and Twilight Forest. We have removed Equivalent Exchange 3 and TreeCapitator.

Get the pack, and information on how to install it here:



Minecraft.occupies.me runs a variety of bukkit plugins to make your experience more rewarding. These plugins inlcude:

  • GriefPrevention
  • BOSEonomy
  • Buynode
  • BuyRegion
  • Ontime
  • ChestShop
  • Essentials
  • CoreProtect
  • DynMap
  • LWC (Chest Protection)
  • Cenotaph
  • WorldGuard and WorldBorder
  • Multiverse

Additionally you will find we often enable plugins for special events and challenges (such as mob arena), although our main focus is industrializing the world.

MO.ME Corp Academy

All players, new or old will start out in the MO.ME Corp Academy. This area is designed to refresh your memory with regard to rules, tips, and safe practices while in the 'world'. Pay close attention while at the Academy. There might be a test!


With this new release of the MOMEPack we are doing a complete reset, and have created a more dynamic economy based on player trade. While you will earn money via your employment through MO.ME Corp, stocking the corporate distribution centers (store) will be the responsibility of the players. There will be limits on how much the MO.ME depots will buy, creating a supply and demand market.

To make the economy more interesting, MO.ME Corp will provide players with opportunities to fufill special contracts-- where players can earn lin game money for deliver large quantities of things like fuel, lava, energy, etc. to the station.


VIP status grants you the following:

- Exemption from auto afk kick

- Multiple /home's

- access to /back

- Chest protection when you die

- Special perks from the VIP building

- A badass VIP tag :D

- A warm fuzzy feeling knowing you're helping the server continue

- other perks, subject to change at any time

And many other things based on the package you select. To find out more, check our donations page.

Disabled Items:

These items are disabled because they introduce exploits, or server problems. Don't ask us to enable any of these items unless you can provide a fix or solution; Wireless transmitters, wireless maps, mass fabs, nukes, iTNT, dynamite.

Other items are also restricted from placement (as required). Information regarding these changes can be found on our forum.



June 12 2012 - Updating Server

March 6, 2013 - MOMEPack

We rolled out the MOMEPack, based on Tekkite Lite! To become approved please apply through our forums at http://geekplanet.ca/mome


Space dock and refinery:

'MOMEFuel' is critical to the station, as it keeps our shuttle running to and from the new world.


First look as you land:

This is the view after docking, and leaving the shuttle. You can see a few other orbital platforms in the distance.



MOMEFuel 'water' feature:

What could be better than a beautiful water feature accent this company sign? An Oil feature of course!


MOMECorp Orbital platform and station:

Our gracious employer, and starting spawn point.



Business District:

An aerial view of the VIP building, mall, and MOMEStock



Coffee is always brewing for VIP's:

A few of the features inside the VIP building



Nature is not forgotten:

MOMECorp believes its employees should stay in touch with nature.


Not without incident:

We had a few 'accidents' while constructing the station.


A glimpse at Kobata's genius

High speed rail, to move between orbital platforms


MOME Academy:

MOMECorp wrote extensive lessons for all variety of minecrafters. Here the computers are off to conserve power.



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Well at least you managed to see spawn, as soon as I logged in I was in the end and just falling endlessly into the void, no commands worked or anything. Relogging didn't help either.

You should try /warp Academy if that happens. And yes, our spawn is in the End.

Yes I did actually, but when I stood on the pad at the end of the tunnel, nothing worked.

You did not, because the monitors contain info how to warp out.

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Well at least you managed to see spawn, as soon as I logged in I was in the end and just falling endlessly into the void, no commands worked or anything. Relogging didn't help either.

We can't fix the Internet, but for connection troubles please, post here with the relevant information. Thanks!

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  • 2 weeks later...

Whitelist mode = Maintenance

When we go into whitelist mode, it means we are undergoing some kind of maintenance. We do this so that only staff can join. In situations where multiple reboots are required this helps us avoid a lot of player confusion.

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Wow this server has improved so much since I was last on(Many months ago), according to the pictures. This was the server that had exploding chickens in the PVP world right?

Anyway I might have a look on the server sometime.

(Strange fact about me I'm very shy, even online, but I really want to start playing properly on a server and I have no idea why XD.)

EDIT: I may just be being stupid but which version of Tekkit is being used, I'm only asking because I'm having launcher issues and want to make sure I pick the right version when it lets me use it. Doesn't matter was being stupid.

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@Brady-- that was an authentication issue with minecraft.net and it's been resolved.

@madman-- we did have exploding chickens! Now we have endermen that burrow underneath you, drop you into outer space, and if they are killed they sometimes creepers spawn from their corpses. lol. Someone told us pvp was too easy, so we fixed it. ;)

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  • 2 weeks later...

hey, my ign is reeeep2, and I was muted for giving the password out:

A) I didn't know you werent supposed to type the pass

B) I was trying to help someone who didnt understand how to get started

C) I can help peopple out, I do know a lot about Tekkit and I can help a lot of people with questions, but I can't do that if Im muted :S

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@nicolas -- you probably caught us during our scheduled reboot. No outage is affecting our server. :)

@reeeep2 -- our forum is the best place to make that kind of request. http://geekplanet.ca/mome

If you need to, /msg a staff person in game and they will unmute you. Definitely do not hand out the password-- it's a test to see who can read and who can't. We only allow people who can read and follow instructions to build in the world. :)

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Can't connect to the server for whatever reason, was working fine this morning. Checked if it was up on those server websites; said 14 players were online. I got DC'd randomly about an hour and a half ago.. Connected to it, then once again DC'd 5 minutes later. There was a good amount of people logged in and not everyone was just then connecting So I think it wasn't just me. Besides, there was no chatter about it, and even when I asked I got a dull response of "no" lol, however. By any chance is anyone else having this problem? I'm running out of ideas and want to continue playing :(

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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