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Question about Minecraft ATtack of the b-team version


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Hey I am new here on the Forums and my question is Will attack of the b-team get ported in the near future to 1.7.9/1.7.10 i am not asking for any eta of the port I am just wondering if it will happend anytime soon becase i would love to use some updated feautures of some mods that isint 1.6.4 compatible but not want to make my own modpack due to lack of knowlegde of doing so,So if anyone is interested in telling me how to make my own modpack etc i am very not Good with the computer laungish at all i do not know anything of code what so ever so a step to step guide to guide me throught how to update a modpack manually to a newer version of minecraft is preciated /the_ace2

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The platform pagoda section of the forums contain guides on building modpacks as well as the location to post to get modpack help if you get stuck. Also, who knows when, why, or if theyll update the pack. Any interest in asking about one that may or may not be made is similar to asking for an eta imo.

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