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Tekkit Classic Server Need Help and staff


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Hi. i am currently hosting a minecraft tekkit classic server. i need some help with some stuff. i am currently using multicraft to run my server and i need help with plugins. i cant seem to find any plugins up to date with tekkit classic. i can go into the files and paste a plugin into it. so this is a list of what i need help with:



Staff-Someone who has experience with a tekkit server.


plugins-essentials,world edit,worldgaurd,and something to make ranks with.



     Thank you for your time. also dont apply for staff on this thread. we will not have staff ranks avalible until the server is colpleted. helping me with my server will result in admin



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lol getout me car bruh im in optic on cod so stfu. also i ddos pple and im pro tekit plyer so fk u. im 12 and horny

I wasn't aware I was inside your car, thought I was on a forum. Apologies.


And please don't Ddos apple, surely we wouldn't want any collateral damage here? I'm sure we can come to some agreement as you're an horny pro tekkit plyer. We are rarely graced by such fine people here

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