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How much RAM do I need for a server with two people?


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I have a server I play with my friend, and just him, and I host the server on my computer. I have a total of 8 GB of RAM; a maximum of 2 GB is used for the server and 4 GB is used for the launcher (or MC 1.6.4). Is this a good use of RAM or should I change the amount allocated? I also added Traincraft and a few other mods and I want to know if it'll be enough to load all the entities

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That allocation is fine. The server needs less RAM than the client with just two players. Of course, if you include 200+ mods and make it the mother of all kitchen-sink modpacks, it may still require more. But it won't run properly anyway if you do that.


If it's really just you two, consider forfeiting the dedicated server and just open your singleplayer game to LAN. This will be less admin work and simplify some things. Of course, the dedicated server has a lot of advantages, like scaling, easier transferability, easier backups, dedicated server console for monitoring and control, and so on. The question is if you need all that.


In any case, make frequent world save backups, ideally after each playing session or once a day, whichever comes first.

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Tekkit main runs with a default allocation of just 1 GiB. It is prudent to raise this to 2 GiB if you add mods and/or resource packs. 4 GiB is quite a lot already and should suffice for lots of additions. Just don't complain when it runs slowly - more RAM cannot magically improve performance, it will just make room for many things that can and will bog down your system.


By the way, when you add mods, your installation automatically becomes a custom modpack and won't be considered a Tekkit installation any more. If you need help with that, make sure to head over to Platform Pagoda.

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