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Load Tekkit mods on Vanilla Minecraft launcher?


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This is certainly technically possible, but not advisable. Launchers like Technic were created to make installing and managing mods simple - without a launcher, it is a complicated thing that requires a bit of coding skills and lots of Java knowledge.


So I second the question. Why would you want to do that?

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Because clicking one button "Install modpack" is such a huge hazzle. It's soo much more convenient downloading 50+ mods individually yourself and installing them with the obnoxious way that Mojang allows you to install mods to their game


vanilla launcher increases frames? hah! Someone been trolling you

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hey so lets circle back to this topic now because of the people who have already migrated their Mojang account to Microsoft or can not recover their old Mojang account can no longer log in to the Technic Launcher, what now? do we have to wait until Microsoft make creators of this third party launcher buy the license for them to use Microsoft accounts to log in or do we render this mod pack obsolete and never get a chance for new players to find and enjoy the hell out of this mod pack just as much as me and a lot of other people did?

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