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[1.7.10]Azeragon[Whitelist][25 Slots][170+ Mods][Azeragon Pack][Cities][EE2][ALWAYS ACCEPTING]

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Introduction and History
Azeragon is a server with a great history, it has been around for two years. Though it has gone through many iterations, we have decided to start anew, ever since the community split up due to real life issues and other interests. In Azeragon, the people are genuinely nice to each other and give each other some slack, but friendly slack. In Azeragon, there is no toleration for griefing, so the first sign that you are griefed, the "admins" will look into it immediately, and quickly find the person who has done you harm. We offer a safe server environment where all of your creations and possessions are yours and yours only, with us people there to add some variety to your Minecraft experience.
Now Azeragon is also a modded server. We use the custom Azeragon pack created and maintained by ImagicaGaming, who has spent over a year perfecting the pack and ironing out the bugs it may have. With over 150 mods, it offers a great deal of paths you may choose to adventure and progress with. The pack has many, many core mods, as well as their add ons and supporting mods to go along with them. There are magic, tech, adventure, fighting, crafting, all of the mod categories you can imagine.
Azeragon also features a new concept which ImagicaGaming and I have recently thought up. We have thought about how to make cities in the server important, and this is how we plan on doing this: cities will be the only places where you can sell or buy things in a shop. Also, cities are the only place you can find a transmutation table. See, this is a double edged sword, as the plus side is that you don't even need to craft everything in order to make it, while the negative is that you cannot have one for yourself. These cities are player made and can be located wherever you decide. Current cities in the making are spawn, Omashu, Undercity(Nether Hub), and Imagica's Victorian City. Each have shop locks, as in, you can only sell and buy X here, where X is the theme of the items. We are hoping these cities can be put to good use. Also, you may side with a certain city and be a part of it's faction. There is no factions mod, it is purely roleplaying for you roleplayers out there. This idea caters to you bargainers, roleplayers, builders, and sightseers. We hope you will enjoy this concept.
We are open to ideas on how to improve or modify this idea.
Why join this server, you ask?
+24/7 Uptime
+Server has been alive for two years, the owner does not abandon his servers
+The owner and admin(s) are very friendly and are on equal ground with the players, they have no advantages
+The owner and admin(s) will help you with every griefing or loss of items that you tell us about
+Little to no block lag
+Server is hosted by the owner
+If it is needed, the owner will upgrade the server to meet players' expectations
+Equivalent Exchange 2 is back
+Cities system
 Mods you may like include, but are not limited to...
-Project E
-Industrial Craft 2
-Buildcraft 3
-Pneumatic Craft/Project Red
-Thaumcraft 4
-Ars Magica 2
-Applied Energistics 2
-Tinker’s Construct
-Biomes o’ Plenty
Full list of functional in game mods here, 170 + total

Lucky Blocks

Advanced Genetics

Advanced Machines

Advanced Solar Panels

Advanced Repulsion Systems

Ars Magica 2

Applied Energistics 2

Archimedes Ships



BiblioCraft + Addons

Big Reactors

Biomes o' Plenty

Blood Magic


Buildcraft + Addons

Carpenter's Blocks

Chisel 2 + Addons

Computer Craft


Dense Ores

Dimensional Anchor

Enchanting Plus


Ender Storage

Enhanced Portals

Extra Utilities


Fast Leaf Decay

Flat Bedrock

Forbidden Magic

Ganys Surface


Gravi Suite

Growth Craft + Addons

Hardcore Ender Expansion



iChun Utilities

Immibis mods

Industrial Craft 2 + Addons


Inventory Tweaks

Iron Chests

Liquid XP


Mekanism + Addons


MineFactory Reloaded

Mob Amputation

More Health Enchanted







Not Enough Items + Addons

Nether Ores



Pam's mods

Pneumatic Craft/Project Red

Project E/Equivalent Exchange 2

Quarry Plus


Redstone Arsenal

Refined Relocation




Secret Rooms

Simply Jetpacks

Solar Expansion

Solar Flux

Sound Filters



Steve's Carts

Tinker's Construct

Thaumcraft + Addons

Thermal Expansion


Twilight Forest

Universal Electricity

Vein Miner

What Am I Looking At


How to fix FPS issues
-Install Optifine HD Ultra B5 for 1.7.10 https://optifine.net/downloads
-Set the render distance to normal or under
-Turn Advanced OpenGL to fast
-Turn weather off
-Turn particles to minimal
-Turn smooth lighting off or set it to minimal
-Turn fog to fast
-Turn chunk loading to smooth
-Turn smooth FPS on
-Set priority in task manager to high
Azeragon Pack

The pack, it is private, but it is mandatory for the thread:

Application, be detailed!
First name, not required, but shows openness:
In game name:
Age, don't lie:
Best creation screenshots:
Skype, required:
Reasoning for applying:
Rules and Guidelines
Griefing is not tolerated at all.
You may poke fun at other players, but be friendly about it.
Don’t be a major **** to others.
Don't scar terrain around peoples' bases.
Don’t destroy mob spawners near spawn or peoples' bases.
Cheating is not tolerated at all.
Duplicating items using in game methods, however, is acceptable.
Don't isolate yourself on the server. This is not singleplayer, let people visit and leave your base.
Try to make things for the community, small or large, it is appreciated.
If there is the odd lag spike, don't say "LAG" or any variation of that into chat. We know.
Everyone is equal here, no ranks, no admins.
We are not Mindcrack. Do not try to be Mindcrack.
Do not constantly complain about bugs in mods.
However, if there is a progression stopping bug, report it to ImagicaGaming or KingBumi.
If you crash, send ImagicaGaming a screenshot or pastebin of the crash report.
Staff, as indicated by the purple names
Owner: ImagicaGaming, Skype: ImagicaGaming, IGN: ImagicaGaming
Hosted server for 2 years
Admin and Stuff Guy: .wake, Skype: archi1235533234, IGN: KingBumi
Been with the server for 2 years
 Pictures of the terrain generation
This is just a fraction of what our custom world generation can do. The pictures are taken from the perspective of ImagicaGaming with his own customized shaders.



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First name: Sander
In game name: Nightmare_Ind
Age, don't lie: 16
Banned?: From the HiveMC servers 3 times: Once for swearing, once for trolling and once for illigal teaming (although the last one I still think is not right).
Best creation: I once tried to make a working digital clock in minecraft, but never finished it.
Skype, required: I prefer not to make my skype public, if you pm me I'll give it to you.
Reasoning for applying: I'm trying out allot of different modded pve servers lately, and I was looking for one with bibliocraft and buildcraft.
Liked video games: Assassin's Creed and Minecraft ofcourse.
Favorite youtube channel: Lindsey Stirling
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First name:
In game name:icedrago255
Age, don't lie: 16
Banned?: Never
Best creation: I have made a giant city
Skype, required: BuddhaDragon1
Reasoning for applying: I have been looking around for a good modpack and server
Liked video games: Minecraft, Skyrim, pretty much any game that gives me freedom of choice
Favorite youtube channel: LetsPlay or JKFilms
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alright then you have a nice day and good luck with your server :kiddo:


Edit: could all 3 of us get a reason for the declined? So we know what we did wrong? It's fine if you rather keep that private or rather not go into it.

Edited by Nefzen
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Your applications are all lacking detail, none of you actually gave proof of your creations, one of you left out most of the information, and none of you sent ImagicaGaming the word. You may all read through the thread again and make one more application to get in.

Edited by KingBumi
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Hahahaha wow that is a first for me. You are the first server I've encounter that ask for proof of my creations and I just realized the little message at the bottom under the screenshots about the word.

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You may all read through the thread again and make one more application to get in.


That's a nice offer but I'm gonna have to declined. Seems to much effort to check out a server to see if I like it or not, but thanks for answering some questions.

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First name: Silva
In game name: FearSilva
Age, don't lie: 16
Banned?: Nope, never
Best creation screenshots: Sadly, I have none. I typically am not a fan of single player, however I do have experience in mods and other things . 
Skype, required: CaptainGjalund , I do prefer Teamspeak, I have a channel on a friend's TS.
Reasoning for applying: I'm looking for a good, fun multiplayer mod experience, I've looked into playing on other modded server but most of them didn't have the mods I was wanting to play around with, However, this pack offers all of them.
Liked video games: Assuming you mean just video games in general, My top 3 are most like 1. Custom Robo (Gamecube) 2. Borderlands 2 3. Mine craft
Favorite youtube channel: This is a difficult one, as I watch many youtubers, But for Minecraft I'd have to say CaptainSparklez, I really really enjoyed his UMS and Hexxit. None Minecraft youtuber is probably GameGrumps, because Danny Sexbang is the greatest ever. I also enjoy Inside Gaming.
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FearSilva, you are declined. You have not even attempted to post one of your best creations, and you have failed to tell ImagicaGaming the correct word.


And to the people out there who are seeing this post and thinking, "they dont accept anybody, why should I apply?" The only reason we are declining everybody so far is that they failed to read the thread and fill out the application correctly. Best of luck to you new appliers, we hope that you may get in to the server!

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It's funny how you say the applications lack detail, but don't tell exactly what you mean with that. You also say you want proof of the creations, wich wasn't mentioned anywhere, and even if I had proof of it, it was unfinished. It was like 2 years ago when I made it and I deleted the save a few months after I stopped working on it. And last, I was whaiting for your PM asking my skype, before I was going to send the word to Imagica because you would otherwise not know who it came from.

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First name: Sam -Removed-
In game name: XxShadowMan12xX
Age, don't lie: 14
Banned?: No, Only on Mineplex for disrespecting staff (They where being unfair)
Best creation screenshots: Don't have any (New PC :<)
Skype, required: -Removed
Reasoning for applying: For the pleasure of playing on a server with a new community. My other reason is to create a stronger experience with modded Technic packs and make some new friends.
Liked video games: Tera, WoT, WoW, CoC, BB.
Favorite youtube channel: Myself (Not really) I like the React channel. (I don't care if its not all games ;- ;)
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Couldn't most people lie and just build something in creative mode, using that as "proof" of creations claiming they did it legitimately. Also couldn't they just find some screenshots from old minecraft server websites (not from google images since that would be to easy to confirm as false). I do think the hiding the word in your original post in the thread seems kinda unclear because many people could assume you mean the bold purple word as being it or word as use in slang http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Word. Hell could just mean "talk to us in skype" how many people would get the line under word as the clue unless they read my posts pointing it out which if they are like most players aren't gonna pay attention to what they assume is application posts all the way down under your first post.

Edited by Nefzen
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Please stop replying to this post. You have already made it clear you have no intent on joining the server.


true that I've lose interest to join the server, but I still find this thread interesting. I don't see whats wrong asking a few questions and finding out more. Plus I'm sure there are some lurkers out there who would love some answers for questions that may be sticking in the back of their skulls, but are too afraid to ask or where/what/why of your application process it seems very fun honestly.


Edit: Also posting keeps it at the top of the custom server list so more players are seeing it which means more try to join. isn't that a good thing?

Edited by Nefzen
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Having this type of application proves to us they have read the post fully and are a worthy member to join the server. I will admit some is confusing, the word part in particular but this is a "fail safe" thing to make sure nobody is copying your application. 


If you do have some questions by all means share them and i'll gladly answer them for you.

Edited by ImagicaGaming
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Having such this type of application proves to us they have read the post fully and are a worthy member to join the server. I will admit some is confusing, the word part in particular but this is a "fail safe" thing to make sure nobody is copying your application. 


If you do have some questions by all means share them and i'll gladly answer them for you.


Understandable and I do hope my questions are not getting to annoying. Also I would like a answer if possible for the part of my post about people using false proof about their creations.


Edit: you folks seem kinda nice which is why I just want everything to be as clear as possible. it's not unreasonable in my point of view that if you expect players to go the extra mile for your server that the server does the same for those wishing to join.

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  • Anything claiming to be official Technic servers are not allowed here, for obvious reasons

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