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[1.7.10]Azeragon[Whitelist][25 Slots][170+ Mods][Azeragon Pack][Cities][EE2][ALWAYS ACCEPTING]

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Understandable and I do hope my questions are not getting to annoying. Also I would like a answer if possible for the part of my post about people using false proof about their creations.


Edit: you folks seem kinda nice which is why I just want everything to be as clear as possible. it's not unreasonable in my point of view that if you expect players to go the extra mile for your server that the server does the same for those wishing to join.

Imagica and I can tell if a creation is ripped or not. Whenever we see and application, we check their post history, all of the minecraft fansites, such as Planet Minecraft, google images, etc. All of the applications that have been declined so far have just been because of incompleteness. The extra word is there for fail safe, but if your application is extraordinary, with a lot of detail, and you seem like a nice person, we will most likely include you in on the server. Having the word just shows that you care enough to actually read through the thread and see what the server is all about. If we cannot find the picture, we will assume you are genuine.

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Alright I feel satisfy. I thank you for feeding my curiosity. I'll throw a few more likes your way to help you get some street cred for the speedy and well-thought out answers. I don't plan to join the server but from what I've seen so far I think others would be totally happy on your server.

No more questions and you folks have a nice day :h:

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EDIT: Improved the overall quality of the thread, added an extra paragraph with our city system, and removed two parts from the application. We found these two questions pointless and we decided that removing them altogether would make people happier. I have also made the application more specific, bolding and emphasizing that you need screenshots of your builds. I had originally thought this would be obvious, but it seems it isn't. And one last thing for you more private people, I have removed the necessity of the first name in the application. Adding it is optional, and shows us that you aren't a hermit, which gives you brownie points. The real last thing is I bolded the word "word" so you know that that font size and formatting is the word you should be looking for. Good luck on getting in to the server! We really wish to see you there.

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Welp I been thinking about it for a a bit and have decided to try one more time to make a proper application. Why yes to all you lurkers out there I am insane or something :shepface:.

First name: Michael

In game name: darkth

Age: 20

Banned?: Never been banned but have seen inside of a server's jail system (someone didn't like my jokes)

Best creation screenshots: I don't have screenshots of my best creation, but I do have screenshots of what I've been doing on a server I've hang out on for a few weeks








Elvis giving the death glare for catching him doing number 1 behind the farm


Skype, required: Lightcherry832 (don't expect much since I don't have a mic and prefer teamspeak instead of skype :doom: )

Reasoning for applying: Because I'm interested in seeing what this server has to offer and because I'm having fun so far watching this thread. It could be fun building a nice nether woody fort somewhere in that custom landscape. I can't really think of any other reason for appling honestly since I'm a man/lady/dog of few words.


I'm also a chicken trap in a human body who is also inside someone's head while they sleep. <--- is that detailed enough for you senpai.


Also this was a agrarian skies modpack server that I was on for anyone wondering.

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First name: Let's call me Caleb
In game name: BlueWarden(Might change though, I dunno)
Age: 13, 14 in July
Banned: Nope
Best creation:PLSCbBB.png
I didn't quite know how to do pictures so this is the best I have.... anyways, I'm still working on adding buildings and getting rid of the torches in the underground area(these are all from a multiplayer server I play on)
Skype: I believe you fine gentlemen already have it
Reasoning: I find that I'm constantly unable to find a server and stick to it. I've gone from ImagicaRealms to some other servers that got closed down; I've jumped servers multiple times. With the vanilla server I casually play on now I get bored. There isn't enough items/biomes to keep me occupied. With modded I hope, and strive, to find a nice and decent server to play on. No griefers, no abusive admins, and overall nice people. I believe that this server is my chance to find a place to settle down. Now I hope you have a nice down comrades, adios. 
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First name, not required, but shows openness: Tyler
In game name: Copenex
Age, don't lie: 20
Banned?: No
Best creation screenshots: I'm not really a builder. I just like to have fun and collect resources and build machines.
Skype, required: I can PM. Rather not post in public.
Reasoning for applying: I am looking to join this server because I have a lot of free time on my hands since I broke my foot and I am unable to return to work. I am looking for a fun, active community to join and would love to meet some awesome people.
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First name: James


IGN: microhamster2


Age: 17 (18 soonish..?)


Banned: Nah, I'm a cherub (no, but seriously I've never been banned).


Best creation: I'm probably going to be declined for this, but I'm not rushing in to single player to make some half rate, terrible creation with no heart put in to it. So, if you're still reading this, here's the problem: I stopped playing minecraft about 4 months ago when I lost my iMac so that's got all of my single player stuff on. However, recently, I just got a new MacBook so I've been dabbling around trying to find a swanky server to play on and make friends and generally just enjoy what I used to do. Yeah.. yeah, decline my application, go for it, but I don't see the point in making something quickly (that's going to be terrible anyway) just for this when I could take my time on your server and really make something special and show you my true skills rather than faux, rushed ones. Even if I did race to make something quickly, it wouldn't be my 'best' work and would essentially mean I'm lying which I refuse to do as it would defeat the whole point. 


Skype: My Skype name is essentially my full name so I'll PM you it!


Reasoning for applying: I'd say I covered this pretty well in my last paragraph, but to re-iterate: I just want somewhere to chill, build awesome houses, set up windmills (yeah I have a pretty big obsession with windmills... sorry?!), chat to people who are actually mature (something which many of the public servers without whitelists seems to be very devoid of). Overall, this server just looked cool to be honest and YOUR CUSTOM TERRAIN GENERATION IS SUPER AWESOME OH MY AND I MUST EXPLORE AND BUILD AN AWESOME HOUSE THERE OH MY THAT MOUNTAIN.. oops sorry I get a bit carried away when I see somewhere perfect to build houses which appears to be your entire map.


PS: I read over this page thoroughly about 7-8 times and I've only just found what I believe to be the secret word thingy you say is required, even then I don't even know if that's it and could just be a typo or my misunderstanding. No, but seriously it really has got my stumped if I'm right or not..


EDIT: I give you, Chateau de Turd, the worst place you want to visit when travelling in the mountains!








I do apologise greatly for anyone's eyes who were hurt during viewing this horrendous build, I mean I pushed the words "isn't an eyesore" to new levels tonight! DISCLAIMER: Chateau de Turd is not a true reflection of my houses...

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First Name: Rachel


IGN: RKilljoy95


Age: 19


Banned?: Never have been.


Best Creation: I seem to be having troubles posting my images to here, is there perhaps another way I can send you the pictures?


Skype: My Skype has my last name in it, so I'll PM it to you when you'd like.


Reason for Applying?: I've been playing solo minecraft for quite some time and would enjoy playing with an active community. I chose this modpack because it has some of my favorite mods, and believe it would be fun to play these mods with other players.

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Microhamster, please fill out the entire application, we just want proof you can build something half decent. RKilljoy, use imgur.com to upload your screenshots and post them here by copying the imgur link and putting it in the picture poster feature on this site. It is located on the top bar of the post editing box. It looks like a picture with a tree.


Also one more thing Microhamster, we do believe you, and Rachel to be seemingly nice people, but we just need some proof that you can build. It doesn't have to be your very best creation, it just has to be something to prove that you can build something that isn't an eyesore. I recommend building something nice in creative mode to show us a little preview of what you can do. When you both have pictures of your builds in your application, we can accept you onto the server. Also, the secret word was removed, so you are fine.

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I did use imgur.com to upload, and then attempt to copy the link. Every time I tried my computer froze for some reason.


It's when I click the little image with the tree that my computer does not let me do anything. I cannot click the "OK" or "Cancel" buttons.

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First name: Dimitri




Banned?: I've never been banned before.


Best creation screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/Re12s I'm sorry for the large number of screenshots, but I wanted to be as detailed as I could. This isn't my best creation, but I chose it due to the fact I have no evidence showing my greatest build. The creation I chose is my plot on a creative server. (HCServer) It contains of a modern neighborhood with three homes each having two bedrooms and at least one dining room, living room, kitchen, and bathroom. My plot as contains a lakeside, red clay, mansion with one bedroom, a bathroom, dining room, kitchen, living room, chimney/fireplace, deck, cinema, arcade, pool, fountain, park, statue and garage. I'm still in the progress of adding redstone to the cinema. (So the movies actually function)


Skype: cr7-futbol-star


Reason for applying?: I've never actually attempted to get on a whitelisted server before, and this seems like a lively community of active players. As well as the fact that one of my friends seems to already be whitelisted so why not take the chance to attempt to join a serious, respected server; to socialize with its members and have a little bit of fun while doing it.


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First name: Anderson
In game name: arallak
Age, don't lie: 32
Banned?: I've never been banned, always respect the rules.
Best creation screenshots: I had some in my old hd, but he burned. But if giving me the opportunity to play on the server, I promise create great buildings.
Skype, required: arallak
Reasoning for applying: Play on a server where all are equal, this has always been my dream. Having the opportunity to play in a community where other players can visit my buildings (without them forget accidentally several TNTs). Make new friends. All I desire on a server, and that offers it all.
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