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Good FAIR server?


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I'm looking for a good, decently populated, Voltz server to start out on. I've tried looking at most servers in the VoltzServers.com list but most of them don't seem very fun. Most of them support donation rewards such as Inifinite Batteries or giving them a stack of Anti-matter, etc. I get that donations are needed to keep the server up but I've seen others in the past do fine without giving other players such a steep advantage. Also would prefer a server that doesn't sell all the high end items in the Shop/Store. Getting a full set of upgraded/configed power armor on day 2 seems a little ridiculous and same goes for selling 64k ME drives and Nukes. Any servers out there like this?

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we don't create these kinds of posts. This promotes laziness and is a bitch slap to the face on every server owner who has posted here.

Server owners have to comply with the Guidelines and Rules on this board while simultaneously making their server attractive enough to make people stay.

Now you are telling us that those server owners need to waste their time looking for you.


If you can't be bothered to look for a server, then go play singleplayer.

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