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Help plz, Tekkit crashing


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Heres the situation: I open techniclauncher and select the latest Tekkit modpack and click play. Sometimes it crashes right there and returns back to the techniclauncher from there, sometimes the mojang screen comes up but it always crashes without any error message, returning back to the techniclauncher. I have tried using java 7 and java 8. Nothing changed. I looked through the crash reports and cant make sense of it. Help would be greatly appreciated. :)


Im playing on an hp envy laptop. 8gigs of ram, i7 processor, etc. It plays normal minecraft fine, and will load and run Realm of Mianite modpack fine. No idea why it doesnt run tekkit.

Specs are:

Intel Core i7-4700MQ 

8G ram 64 bit

Intel Hd Graphics 4600 & NVIDIA Geforce GT 740M

Thank you, crash report included crash-2015-04-02_12.47.44-client.txt

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