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good dubstep

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Indeed it is. First time I heard it I was left speechless for quite long time and I've been using it as ringtone since the first phone capable of using custom music as it.

Look at the links under the song, I linked to the groups other works there as well. Their entire album is pure brilliance and I've yet to hear anything as special. Too bad they got into some internal problems some years ago and stopped making more awesome stuff :(

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This is not dubstep, but this is pretty much the only music thread active right now, so I'll just dump this here.

I can't seem to stop listening to this. If you listen to the lyrics, the song gets ten times more amazing.

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I'm of the firm belief that there's no such thing as good dubstep. House, yes. Trance, yes. Dubstep? I'd rather gouge out my own eyes. With a toothpick.

What? Obviously you have only heard mainstream "dubstep." House is more similar to dubstep then most of the mainstream shit that they tack dubstep onto.

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To repeat once more, just in case, I like music that has interesting melody. Just tons of low frequency noise isn't interesting. Bass in combination with other stuff on the other hand can easily be. I'm also no expert, I just say what I like. When I say something is bad I simply mean I personally don't like it. It doesn't mean anyone else shouldn't like it either :)

If there exists such a thing as good dubstep it hasn't been linked here yet. Not sure if this is dubstep but I like it far more than anything other linked here:

Also, yes, trance-techno-house and all sorts of electronic music can be good. Obviously not all of it is but there are quite a few very nice, uhh, songs? that I like.

A few more examples of the stuff I like:


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eXqPYte8tvc <- THE best acoustic guitar performance I've ever heard


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1PT90dAA49Q <- one of those rare things I listen for the words and meaning instead of melody

<- the movie this is from is also pure awesomeness

There are tons more stuff I'd like to link but I CBA to search for them at the moment and my likes history has been overwritten by a mountain of lectures by now. If anyone is interesting in learning about interesting sciency-stuff I could link those instead :D

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Hey, I'm not a trend kid.

And that song was awful. I can't imagine anyone wanting to listen to that live.

That's more like it.

Let's see, MLP profile pic, like's dubstep, probably thinks cat's are cute, talking with slang; yeah you're definitively not a trend kid. /sarcasm

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And you are good with spelling. I see you're placing apostrophes just at the right places. [/sarcasm]

Considering that I've been up since Friday, I believe I have the right to some misplaced grammar.

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