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No tech PLEASE! - Vanilla Evolved


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No Tech PLEASE! is a modpack that does exactly what it says on the tin :) The main focus of this pack is to spruce up the vanilla experience with a few additions like magic, farming and of course better villagers.

So if being a mage is what your craving then go right ahead OR maybe you want to start a family then the option is there OR you just want to go it alone and explore the vast dungeons that fill the land obviously watching out the varied mobs!

Theres a total of 87 mods in this pack mostly magic, farming, food, o and dont forget MCA :)

To get the pack please click the link http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/lil-test.640321

Server coming soon with job system and economy :)

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Now updated to 1.4

Added more magic mods including Thaumic Horizon, Thaumic Infusion, Thaumic Tinkerer, Forbidden Magic, Reliquary and also added backpacks.

Also updated Thaumcraft to latest version

So that takes mods to 97 so more magic to play with :)

Enjoy guys and be sure to check out my server in the server section of the forum :)




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