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Tesseract alternatives


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So I'm just getting back into playing after being away for a bit of a stretch. Before I left, the cost and complexity of Tesseracts had shot up through the roof, but I don't think there were any other options that did what they did quite as effectively.

Now that I'm back, I'm wondering if anything else exists that are a plausable alternative to Tesseracts in terms of transporting fluid, items and/or power.

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Yea I usually end up using a lot of Ender Tanks, not so much the chests for some reason. Probably because I build big ME networks. 

Still doesn't help with Energy though and that's the big one mostly because I don't like to Quarry near my base. I like to put it out over the water so I can't see the giant hole I leave behind, but also because the water helps create a ton of extra obsidian. 

Also need to be able to bring them into Myst worlds. 

What do you guys use to power distant quarrys so that you don't have to keep checking up on them and bringing more coal for steam/stirlings?

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Tesseracts really are the solution for moving energy / items / fluids to far away places and other dimensions. Automate their production if you are going to need a bunch. Build and use the AE MAC to mass produce them once you have the raw materials. 

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