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Automatic Creations


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I need some ideas for automated machines. Things like automatic sorters and ore refineries. Note: Don't give me any of the "Build coookiez factories liek yogzcast pl0x itz funny haha." Any ideas really help even if they are small thoughts and mini automatic machines.

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A boat factory?

I know it sounds silly, but im a sucker for nice, long boat rides. I sometimes spend ridiculously overtime with underground/above ground aqueducts where i can cruise with my boat.

I would love to just push a button and "plop" a boat comes out from my factory pipe, no maintenance ever needed.

Might be a nooby idea, I dunno how high and grandiose inspiration your looking for here.

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@Flamingsalad Automatic mining systems, automatic crafting systems, Automatic transport systems things like that.

There are a few methods for automatic mining. One of the easier ones would be the BC quarry, which is very basic. You could also try using RP frames to mine, or ComputerCraft turtles. Turtles tend to be more versatile as you can code exactly where you want them to mine and what to do with the items.

Automatic crafting systems would depend entirely on what you want to craft. You would need one automatic crafting table for each item, and they can be linked (i.e. send a crafted item into another automatic crafting table to be used as an ingredient). So you might need an entire system of automatic crafting tables to craft something complex.

For automatic transport systems, you could use BC pipes or RP tubes. RP tubes are smarter and more efficient, and don't cause any overflow. BC pipes can be flexible with the diamond pipes, distribution pipes and such. I use RP tubes to transport items around my compound (with accelerators and magtubes), but BC pipes for the individual systems (ore refinery, recycler etc) as energy links can pump out items faster than filters or transposers. You could also look into railcraft if you want to transport things along rails or over long distances.

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Here's something I did, create a system that will automatically craft a nuclear reactor from just the ores using logistic pipes. I have it so all the ores stay in a chest unrefined, until something is requested. The ores go to an array of maceraters and furnaces where they are refined. Each ore type has its own macerator and furnace with over clockers. Afterwards all the ores go to a large system of automatic crafting tables. Coal will be macerated into dust then crafted into carbon mesh. Both advanced alloys and carbon plates auto compressed and sent to various crafting tables. Non-stackable items need satellite logistics pipes, items like the reactor plates and heat dispersing plates.

In total the reactor uses around 20-30 crafting logistics pipes. Depending on the number of overclockers you have, the entire process will take 3-5 minutes. It looks amazing though, seeing all the ores zip out of one chest travelling to their respective macerators and furnaces, activating them all at once. Then seeing the refined ores making their way through the crafting grid, until the required items are prepared. Then finally seeing the one reactor block making its way back to you.

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