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Showing off skins


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made some skins practising on how to make them better and some just to be plain silly id like ideas and comments on how to improve and id like to see others show the skins they made or use

all my skins are made in mc skin editor


i call this one blue


my chocolate cookie man


my attempt on making an avatar of my better half


my military guy

if you want any of the skins ill put them up in the files for it this is something i do for fun when im bored of Crocheting balls and mice for cats so be nice and give good comments i can use cant use comments like thats just ugly it wont help me improve comments like maybe use a better skin colour more in the reddish type i can use

Thanks in advance

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This is the skin I made and have used since around September, I think. I based the clothing for the skin off of a picture of Humphrey Bogart in a detective movie, but the head was something I did on my own.

I also did a skin for a friend who wanted a One Piece character post-timeskip or something (never watched One Piece so heck if I know what she meant). She said no skins of the character post-timeskip existed and so she asked me to make one. The result was this:


Smug face was her idea.

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