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About water and buckets

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If the filter is not doing the animation, that means it is backlogged with an item. You need to provide some inventory down the line for the buckets to be sent to.

The pipe is connected to the Deployer, i cant put a chest in the way

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Buckets are fine in a filter. If the empty bucket stays in the main inventory however I suspect you will have to attach a 2nd filter to the side (or perhaps even the bottom) to get the empty buckets out, as the top only pulls the item in the crafted slot.

Most machines use what I think is a 'i-sided' inventory if I recall the term right. The top, bottom, and sides usualy corespond to 3 diffrent inventories.

Now, I must /highly/ recommend you don't tripple post. Use the edit function. Your already kellered, and we won't be able to help if you're probated for rule breaking.

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OP clearly did not read the documentation for the Automatic Crafting Table II:

Automatic Crafting Table MkII

When you right click this you will see four main area. At the top, the input (9x5). At the bottom, your inventory. At the left, a 3x3 recipe area, and a single slot at the right which is the output. Here's how to use it:

  • Set the recipe in the recipe area (red). Nothing will appear in the output slot, that's normal.
  • Put items into the input area by connecting tubes (or pipes) to any side. Regulators are helpful for this.
  • Place a filter or transposer above the crafting table facing down. It will eject the crafted items. If you want to stop this, apply a redstone signal to it.
  • If the recipe produces a container item, such as buckets (when water buckets are used in the recipe), they will go to the last, red-shaded row of the input area. They can be extracted from the bottom. Note that if this is full, container items will be destroyed!

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