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Voltz dead?


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So I am browsing around the Tekkit forums and I am hit with this very sad prospect: Voltz seems dead. This was one of my favorite mod packs and I don't exactly understand why I died. It had a lot to offer especially with the newer updates for Mekanism and such. I hope we can bring it back to life. Anyone else second that?

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it's not a matter of public opinion, if Technic could update the pack they would. there's a third person whose involved in Voltz and he/she hasn't updated it.

there's a discussion going on behind the scenes so we have to wait until the dust settles before we declare anything dead.

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I thought there are multiple people that worked on voltz, i mean.. as in, all the mods.. those devs, need to update there "Plugins" or "Mods" in order for voltz to be called Voltz...

Just go to each mod that voltz has, and see which ones are not being updated, And you will find your answer.

At least.. i think so n e way....

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