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[3.1.2]WookieCraft[PvE][12 Slots][Whitelist][Essentials][LWC][All Mods Enabled]


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IGN: BlairBros

Age: 14, but don't let that dissuade you.

Project you plan to build: If it's ok with the admins, I would like to build a small city in the sky, with a small factory, a dock and some airships (maybe even moving ones with redpower frames)

Minecraft experience: I have known about Minecraft since Alpha, but only bought the game in Beta 1.7.3. Nevertheless, I have spent probably over a thousand hours playing, whether it is building giant monuments, seting up a factions base, making giant farms or playing around with redstone. My stongest aspects in vanilla Minecraft are probably building and redstone.

Tekkit experience: I have played Tekkit for not as long, only starting in version 3, but I have played probably close to 50 hours of it, and I love it. I know how to do everything in Equivalent Exchange, and I know a lot about IndustrialCraft, BuildCraft, Redpower and RailCraft.

Why you want to join the server: I would like to join the server for a few reasons. Number one is that this server, no lie, looks amazing and it is just the kind of server I want to play on. Secondly, I feel like I have a lot to offer to the server, as I think that I know a fair bit about some areas in tekkit which others don't, and I would love to share my knowledge with other people (and hopefully learns omenew things in the process :D). Thirdly, a tekkit server I used to play on is down for some reason, but this server looks better than that one anyway.

Thanks for reading my application!

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Project you plan to build: I plan to build a small city with a few different buildings. The buildings will contain storage, engines, oil refineries, solar panels, etc. I do plan to power most of this city with solar panels, I feel this will be more difficult and a bit more challenging. I will use other sorts of power like engines and nuclear reactors, but definitely 90% of it will be solar. I love Industrial Craft. Within this city though, it will not only be IC2 machinery, but also I will have a magic warehouse for EE, with tons and tons of energy collectors. I will use some Red Power, but not a lot, as I'm not too interested in the mod. For BuildCraft, I do plan to use all of the items in the mod, as I'm most familiar with that mod. If I use a quarry(which I probably will), I put them in the water so it really isn't destroying much land which can be used for building. Because of that, I will most likely be building near an ocean.

Minecraft experience:Playing since 1.6. I know most of the ins and outs of the game. Not much else to say.

Tekkit experience: I've been playing for 7 months now. My friend introduced this to me when he wanted "more" from Minecraft. Ever since then I was hooked. I have never quit my SP save and I will keep going until I run out of ideas, which will never happen. I also watch tons and tons of videos containing Tekkit. For example, Tekkit with Duncan, Yogscast, Tekkit with Sips/Sjin(also tutorials, just like Tekkit with Duncan)

Why you want to join the server:I want to join this server because I've been wanting one that had nearly nothing banned. As, I like to have the Tekkit experience. Most servers ban almost all of EE and such. Also a small community is exactly how I like to play servers. The big servers where people are typing like maniacs get fairly annoying. Playing on a server helps me learn more about Tekkit, and I feel a small community does that.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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IGN: PeopleWithCheeks

Age: 20

Project you plan to build: I plan to just build a science lab and possibly Mad Scientist Castle. Like Duncan. >.> :D

Minecraft experience: I have been playing the game since 1.8.1, so I think I'd have about a years experience.

Tekkit experience: I have been Playing tekkit for about 2 months. So I'd say I'm pretty experienced. I'm not a noobasaurus or anything.

Why you want to join the server: I feel like it would be fun, because, the last server I was on, was pretty boring. So, yeah :D

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IGN: SPECassassin

Age: 13

Project you plan to build: a castle with giant moving doors

Minecraft experience: have been playing it for three years

Tekkit experience: have played it for a year and know all of EE

Why you want to join the server: I'm so tired of public servers because of grief and jerks

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IGN:lsaward (its a L not a i people often mistake that so sorry if it sounds rude)

Age:im 14

Project you plan to build:i plan to build a fairly medium sized town with a factory that produces many things and it will delete all the overflows and i plan to make some pixel art in it and yeah just some stuff that i had planned

Minecraft experience:i have been playing since beta well early beta and i have gotten to be pretty good im not the most imaginative person but i can be fun at some times when i feel like it

Tekkit experience:I have been playing tekkit for atleast 3 to 4 months i know most things in tekit not all the stuff i often forget things to but i still try to remeber for those who ask for my help

Why you want to join the server:I want to join the serevr not because im bored its just that i have been forced out the other serevrs becasue i keep getting killed and raided and i thaught i would try a new start on a new server and this time build very far away

thanks for your time and i hope you accept my whitelist application once again thanks.

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Project you plan to build:Build a nice house get bigger and bigger maby donate ext...

Minecraft experience:I played minecraft since the adventure update in 1.8

Tekkit experience:I played tekkit from when 1.2.5 came out but i am a master at tekkit now

Why you want to join the server:This server looks nice and i like to start again and help others.

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IGN: KheironA17

Age: 21

Project you plan to build: Ever since starting about learning about Tekkit, I've wanted to build a nuclear power plant to supply EU to a city/town. Now that may cause a red flag, but I've made several before with just a friend and myself, and have never experienced a meltdown. And after testing the damage of explosions in single player creative, I would never build one on a server without encasing the entire reactor in a triple layer of reinforced stone. It takes some extra work, but on the off chance it does go critical, nothing escapes to cause damage.

Minecraft Experience: I started playing Minecraft on the Xbox, probably about seven to eight months ago. I moved to PC Minecraft about two to three months ago, and have been playing Tekkit for the past month. Even playing without Pistons on the Xbox, I still always had fun, even playing by myself as I made new structures. I even still have my original Xbox Minecraft world!

Tekkit Experience: Over the past month, I've been playing on a private server with another friend of mine, and have focused heavily on IC2, EE, and Redpower 2. From making quarries which automatically sorted everything they mined, to full secure nuclear power plants, to automatic crafting systems that just simply needed you to load the resources into a chest and pull a lever, I've done a lot in a short period of time. More recently I've been getting into ComputerCraft, and have even set up passwords to be transmitted wirelessly over Rednet. Just getting started with LUA, but I'm really enjoying it. If you consider my application, drop me a message, and I'd be happy to show you my reactor/computer project on the private server!

Why you want to join the server: Playing with just a friend or two is great, but I'm now looking for a larger community to expand upon ideas with. The more people around, the more useful some of my creations can become. It's also great to be able to see what a larger group of people can make, and use it for inspiration. Sometimes you just get stuck on an idea, or design, and you see something another person makes and it sparks your own creativity, giving you just that boost you need to make the next big leap in a project. This server specifically seems like it's very well laid-out, coordinated, and maintained. That really appeals to my personal OCD. I get really picky about aesthetics, and prefer things to look as organized as possible when working on projects. Working with other like-minded people seems like a good way to make large, functional, visually appealing builds to help advance the server.

Other Notes: I'm a respectful player and person, that enjoys all aspects of Minecraft. I have a microphone and am more than willing to use any voice service to get to know the community. I'm helpful, always willing to lend a hand, and knowledgeable. All in all I'm just looking to have a good time with a fun game and a good group of people. Hope to hear from you soon!


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IGN: Rauwomos

Age: 16

Project you plan to build: A big shop, utilising the tekkit exhange things, and also a public energy condenser, which will constantly be filled with emc.

Minecraft experience: Since the end of alpha minecraft

Tekkit experience: About 9 months

Why you want to join the server: I have been looking for a small non-pvp server for a long time, where i can set up a small town, and link together others, however most servers i have encountered, i have be killed immediately by useless mods with full quantum armour, so it will be nice to finally find a friendly community tekkit server.

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IGN: dkid99999

Age: 15 almost 16

Project you plan to build: A large factory filled full of Redpower, Industrial craft and EE Machines. I have started building single player technic too so I now understand Industrial craft, building craft and Equivalent exchange very well now. One thing I am trying to learn is railcraft but I am always experementing with all the cool mods in tekkit!

Minecraft experience: I cant remember but it was when beds were put in! I love to play legit minecraft. I have started playing minecraft in 1.3! I love the new update and I cant wait for the next update(1.4 I think)!

Tekkit experience: I have played tekkit for almost a year, but I played Industrial craft and Build craft before. I played so much I memorized all EE, buildcraft and some Industrial craft item recipes! I have also played technic for about 2 months too. I love the mods in technic and I hope they will be added to tekkit sometime soon.

Why you want to join the server: I love tekkit! The only problem is I can't find a good server, all the servers were either too griefed often, too many banned items, too many players, too laggy or have unfair rules. I mainly have played on non-whitelisted servers in the past but they are always full of raiders and griefers so I decieded to try to play on a whitelisted one!

I am very social, and enjoy helping other players who are new or don't now how to use some of the items.I have never been banned and have never griefed or raided. I am usually the guy fighting them off at a friend's house.

My email is [email protected] if you would like to contact me.

Please tell me soon

I would enjoy it if I could play on your server, thanks for your time:)

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IGN: Badasspick

Age: 13

Project you plan to build: A massive Factory that will produce most things used in Tekkit

Minecraft experience: Since 1.3 Beta

Tekkit experience: About 9 months

Why you want to join the server: I want to play on a server, that has a small, friendly communty. I also am looking for a server that I won't get griefed on.

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IGN: jimts

Age: 21

Project you plan to build: towns, structures, anything along with other people in the server

Minecraft experience: almost none, I played for about a day and then found tekkit

Tekkit experience: most stuff in there with the exception of advanced redpower computers and stuff, everything from buildcraft i think

Why you want to join the server: build stuff community-style!

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Age:18 soon 19

Project you plan to build:a of-shore rig and a company that got griefed on a nother NON whitelisted server

Minecraft experience: ive been playing minecraft pretty much since it came out

Tekkit experience:ive been playing tekkit since u had to install it ur self. i know everything there is to know about tekkit im like a dictionery.

Why you want to join the server: becouse im tired of small children griefing for the sake of griefing and i havent tryed to play on a whitelisted server. also the server looks very nice and i would like to do my part to the server

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project you plan to build : an underground laboratory

minecraft experience:moderate

tekkit experience: i know a lot about general tekkit and a lot in some areas

why you want to join: it looks like a very good server and its no pvp

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Age:14(but I'm mature, just a bit funny sometimes in chat)

Project you plan to build: Epic builds, which I've done brfore--such as a giant temple, an ice-age themed castle that I'm working on, a science lab like Aperture which I'm almost done with... I like to work on one large, detailed, epic build instead of like a village hope you don't mind, I also like to theme stuff all my builds are themed and will not look "empty", with a large surface of one same block type. Which all comes to one sentance: Quality over Quantity.

Minecraft experience: Building since beta 1.5. I did not do much until beta 1.7.3, I started to work on my first megabuild--SkyCity: it's a large floating city based on an industrial-made platform, hovering above an ocean, looks really nice but sadly I lost the world save. After I found DireWolf20 mods, I started playing some of them in 1.8.1: IC1BC+RP+EE+MineFactory+MineColony(Only added for fun). It took me a while to understand at first, but quiet a while later I found tekkit, watched tekkit with duncan, then started to explore the zones that he didn't explain eg CC, RPLogics, MFFS, ccSensors... Now, I am more expierenced than EVER!

Tekkit experience: Longer than tekkit even existed, was playing "direWolf20 mods" before tekkit came out(as above). Know everything except how to program ccSensors(I do know how to set one up though), and redPower computers. Built complex factories before, but won't build it here unless you allow some lag, 'cause I will mainly just build things of epicness on the looks.

Why you want to join the server: I was looking for a place to build epic stuff! I would love to work on some big epic build with another member. I have a lot of builds in mind but just don't have any server to build it and most of all build it with someone else :D. Though I saw you said "TEAMSPEAK AND MICROPHONES ARE REQUIRED", I feel sorry that I can't get on teamspeak not because of I'm a griefer or I'm not socialized, it's because my parents "guard" my computer and don't allow me to voice chat with "strangers". But believe me I will never grief, I never did before, and I even got ranks on a very serious server because I fight against griefing(however I do not like the ranks plugin). PS If you are not sure what I'm doing feel free to "stalk" me.

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IGN: Zstar121

Age: 15 (i am mature but i have a sense of humour)

Project you plan to build: a town

Minecraft experience: about 3 years

Tekkit experience: around 2

Why you want to join the server: Because your server looks like the best to build my city without being interrupted by grievers

NO NO NO DO NOT WHITELIST HIM. He was on my old tekkit server, he griefed it totally out. In the rules we clearly said NO GRIEFING but he stole a total of 23 chests that got unlocked by server rollback, he took all the machines and wires than were unlocked, he basicaly stole EVERYTHING he could. DO NO WHITELIST him or this server WILL BE DOOMED. PS he griefed other server before, has lots of excuses. DO NOT listen to him please, I don't expect this so much but just in case I got whitelisted, I do not want my builds destroyed and so to other people's builds. This is just a fair warning, no offence.

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IGN: nega_skoll

Age: 13

Project you plan to build: a town some where else so it can evolve and be electronic (i don't know what i'm calling it.

Minecraft experience:awesome

Tekkit experience: A lot

Why you want to join the server: it wont be crowded, it would be a nice place to practice because i'm not that good at it even though i have a lot of experience with it & the 1 i used to go on is in shut down.

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IGN: KnightLtd


Project you plan to build: A huge city with some cool stuff like power plant and thes cool stuff

Minecraft experience: ive played minecraft for 5 years almost

Tekkit experience: well ive played tekkit like 1-2 years (icluding with 5 years of minecraft)

Why you want to join the server:Well i wanna have fun with friends and cool buddies and ill make players have fun with me too

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IGN: coldfire17

Age: 16

Project you plan to build: I'm not entirely sure, to be quite honest! I'll most likely start up some sort of factory, while thinking of goals to set for myself as I play. I enjoy automation in Tekkit, though I am a good Tekkit-citizen and turn off my larger builds when I log out. :)

Minecraft experience: I have been playing Minecraft since In-Dev so I know pretty much everything there is to know about it. I've ran servers of my own, played on servers, built castles in SSP, and more.

Tekkit experience: I've been playing Technic/Tekkit for quite some time now. I generally play Technic, though I'm looking to give Tekkit a try! It seems like it will be a great deal of fun!

Why you want to join the server: I am looking for a small, friendly community, that I can talk to and actually feel like I'm a part of it. I don't usually build inside of a town, though I love to chat with other players, no matter how far away they may be! I'm quite talkative and jovial, so watch out!

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Project you plan to build: I always wanted do make a giant city with power net and a factory that supplies all the goods for the city. I hope people will move in and we get some sort of community. We could also create train track between the largest cities and make a very cool server.

Minecraft experience: I have been playing minecraft since 1.7, so i know a lot about minecraft. I had servers for me and my friends, and we always builded very big cities. My computer crashed, so i lost all my screenshots :(

Tekkit experience: I have been playing tekkit for about 6 months now, and i know almost everything a out it.

Why you want to join the server: Im looking for a nice server to be able to build this city, and because nothing is banned.I really want to make something that will be remembered en the hall of fame on technicpack, and i think this is the perfect server for that.

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Project you plan to build:
I'am not sure but i think I'll start with a small factory that may become bigger when the time goes by. Maybe working together with borisvaningelgom. Making a small village with a train track and so is maybe a possibility.

Minecraft experience:
About half a year now

Tekkit experience:
A few months

Why you want to join the server:
I am searching for a nice server where people are friendly and DON'T GRIEF. I hope I can learn maybe a few things from the other players so we can have/share a nice factory.

Thank you

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IGN: Pilifn

Age: 18

Project you plan to build:

I really like the idea of a rustic, industrial town. It's a feeling i useally aim for when i am playing in my singel player world.

But i'd be more then happy to join in on any larger projects.

Minecraft experience:

I have played since alpha (or 2 weeks before the beta started to be precise)

and been playing ever since.

I have a good knowledge of redstone mechanics and enjoy building larger redstone constructions, from games to small computers.

Tekkit experience:

Been playing for 4-5 months i belive, maybe more, and absolutly love it.

I still play the vanilla on my own redstone server but i stick to Tekkit when i play in survival mode.

In School i studied programming so Computer Craft is a dream come true in minecraft for me. On the last server i played on i programmed

a working terminal for minecarts. With displays showing the time until departure, destination. Everything a basic railway station needed.

But theres still so much more you can do with it.

So i have a basic understanding of all the mods in Tekkit and some more in-deph ( CC, redpower, industrialcraft)

Why you want to join the server:

Last server I played on (for about 3-4 months) was shut down due to the fact that the server literally caught on fire.

So i have been searching for a good tekkit server for a while now and from the things

i've read in the server description i had to make an apply. :)

From sweden with love / Pilifn

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