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[1.7.10] Bacon Gaming's Custom Server [18+] [Whitelist] [PVE] [20 slots] [24/7] [TestBaconDon'tIgnore]

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[Custom Modpack like TPPI2, 18+ Whitelist, Mumble] Bacon Gaming

Like Bacon? Like Minecraft? Come join us! We've been hosting Bacon Gaming for almost a year now and we're still going strong with no world rollbacks/wipes/or incidences of griefing with our current map. At present we have roughly 6-8 active members, average age is 26, and are looking to expand.

We haz a custom modpack based on the balance of TPPI2 stuffed full of additional bacon, MyTown to make and protect your Town of Bacon, MinePay to earn money doing things such as mining or killing mobs to pay for your bacon, SignShop to sell your bacon, and the ever-watchful Prism to find who stole your bacon, Multiverse to facilitate monthly extra-dimensional resets (IE. Nether/The End) , and a few other minor plugins that don't contribute much to bacon.

Our modpack has numerous additions, including:
* Animal Bikes, Mine & Blade: Battlegear, Galacticraft, HarvestCraft, Pressure Pipes, Rougelike Dungeons, and Reccurent Complex
* Even larger capacitor banks and new top-tier reactor/turbine blocks with our custom MawrPower mod!
* Explore and conquer the Rougelike Dungeon complexes, chocked full of loot! ...and lots of heavily-armoured and -armed mobs. Not responsible for any deaths that will occur. Yes, WILL.

Banned Items and Setups:

* XP Bottler (XP Duping)

* Mekanism Electric Pumps when used in the nether or to suck out large areas of fluid (ie. lava). This does not apply to other pumps.

* The Sacred Rubber Sapling - because generating a 200-block radius tree TOTALLY doesn't cause problems at all

* Automated mob-spawning setups (including mob farms and Blood Alter setups) must not spawn an excessive number of mobs. You MUST either kill all mobs you spawn or have a means to limit/control your mob population.

We don't believe in nerfing your choices in the name of extra opinionated balance or fleecing $4.99 from you for the Chunkloader Kit - we just want to minimize the chance for griefing and server crashing/lag. Last thing you need is your bacon chests being replaced with a giant ripped-out hole in the ground. :(

Basic Rules:

* Thou shall not steal, grief, or be a nuisance. Prism is really, really good at Zooming In And Enhancing stuff, even before anyone notices what you've done!

* Thou shall be on mumble whitest on the server. You don't have to be in the same channel as people talking if you want some peace and quiet, but you still need to be online.

* Cheating, whether via client mod (eg XRay, wallhacks NOT provided by a mod) or abuse of creative items (in the event you find any lying around in some Nevada Test Site wannabe) is a DEFINITE no-no! Players found doing this WILL be banned in a horrifically violent manner!

* Thou shall not repeatedly beg for items, ranks, town membership, etc. Casually and politely asking for stuff's fine, but spamming chat's a no-no.

* Thou shall not give endgame items to new players, or otherwise catapult them to endgame! If you want to co-op together, that's fine. We just want to ensure that players HAVE a challenge to play through AND to be fair to other new players.

* Thou shall respect staff and other players. We brought bacon! That's reason enough to listen to what we have to say!

* Thou shall minimize chunkloading to essential areas only! Your beautiful Botaina garden might look nice, but it probably doesn't need to be chunkloaded! Each player has a set 35 chunk limit.  (Chunkloaders will automatically switch off after you leave for a short time.)

* Thou shall use the Mining World for gathering ores! Pulling ores out of a section you're digging out around your first home is fine, but full-blown expeditions/quarries/digi-miners should take place in The Magical World of Mining.

* Thou shall read and memorize our Berserk Button list  http://bacongaming.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=156 chocked full of things that you should not do to help keep the server crash-free.

Dedicated Server Specs:

* IP - tbdi.bacongaming.net

* CPU - i3-2130 @ 3.4 GHz, which we've been unable to lag thus far.

* RAM - 4GB

* HDD: WD RE 250GB Enterprise HDD @ 7200 RPM

* Number of full-world rollbacks: 0 (we like surgical repairs, not erasing all those really expensive Mawr Power Mod Capacitor Banks you FINALLY crafted and built)

* Number of partial rollbacks: 0

* 99.98% Up-time

Hosted in Columbus, Ohio

Our pack is available on the Technic Launcher here http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/testingbacondontignore.734562 . The Technic Launcher itself can be downloaded from http://www.technicpack.net/download
To apply for our whitelist, you can either create a forum account and whitelist post at http://bacongaming.net/forum/viewforum.php?f=9 or apply right here on this thread! With your application, please including the following:

* Your IGN

* Age - to paraphrase those infomercials, you must be 18 or older to order! No exceptions!

* Previous bans (if any) and reasons

* Why do you want to join us? There's a lot of other servers out there, there has to be a reason you clicked on ours ;)

* Name two items or setups that are banned on the server, lest it crash Hindenburg-style

* A blood signature saying you have read dem rules and will follow them for all of eternity.

Lead by the Great Hastling, and yours truly, Hastwell! We look forward to eating Bacon with you!


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IGN- Paradox287

Age- 18

Bans- None

Reasons for joining- First of all I want a new server community that actually has a decent mix of mature yet fun people to play with. Secondly I also want a server with a good balance of mods in the modpack and you seem to provide it. Finally I want a server where I can build in peace.

Banned things- The sacred rubber sapling with it's amazing ability to crash servers by growing in a 200 block or so radius. Also mekanism pumps for their ability to remove large quantities of liquids from the server.

I have read and agreed to your rules so it shall be until the end of time itself- 



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