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The ultimate solution


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Aww, I was hoping we would get a whale box thread out of this. Little short for that now though.

Seriously though, reading this thread was a little like being on drugs. Like, I could sort of tell what was going on, but the haze of surreality and bad english was so thick, I just kept thinking: "Am I high, or is everyone else high and I just missed the memo?".

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What if we pay you?


U're a backstabbing prick, U all are, U abuse this guy who wanted to help advance tekkit and add desperate mods. Like North Korea U ban those who you don't like the opinions of. Like the Catholic Church in the late medieval era you get rid of advancement and make up problems. U're rules are misleading and a joke 'A bag of dicks' what kind of a rule is that. I can't bring one online so why does it exist? Some day you are going to get sued.

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