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Nether is completely full of Netherrack. Please help!


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When I go to the Nether there's nothing there except solid Netherrack with a couple of ore blocks mixed in. The portal spawned and I had to dig out enough room for me to move around. I then dug a tunnel in one direction for a couple of hundred blocks without emerging anywhere.

I decided to use MCEdit to see what was going on but it just gave me an error message:

"It looks like this level is completely empty! You'll have to create some chunks before you can get started."

Any suggestions as to what might be happening? And how do I fix it?

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You can't open the level in MCedit normally because Tekkit stores level data a little differently than normal. Try navigating directly to the directory where the nether is stored and opening from there. There's a very good chance that your problems are simply that you spawned too high/too low.

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Hey everybody, I wanted you to know that I had a similar problem where MCedit wasn't able to open the nether part of my Tekkit server.

I solved this by going into the folder "Tekkit_Server_3.1.2\world_nether", throwing "level.dat" into a backup folder and then deleting the "_old" out of "level.dat_old". Presumably, there was an error where MCedit was trying to write to the file at the same time it was being used by the server and the duplicate was thrown in as an "_old" file.

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