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[3.1.2] Technicraft - A Survival Tekkit Server [24/7] [PvE] [25 slots] [Whitelist/Open]

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Minecraft name: nega_skoll


Experience: 5-6 months of experience on tekkit but i'm still working on quicker ways on getting going.

Why you want to join: i would like to build a industrial kingdom of awesome properties, 1 thing for sure is that if i am allowed on i'll need help with glowstone and blaze rods... i can't go into the nether because my game crashes sorry, although i will be building awesome stuff in the mean time.

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lol they listened well.

Besides Lars, we're a bit crowded on our server. And with it down all the time if too many with mega-builds are on, this crashing is causing chunks to become corrupt, causing more crashing. :( Don't we have a great community now already?

I suppose it's all a moot point since the server has been down a while and we're resetting again in a week.

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That is why he is restarting the whole server, clearing huge builds and factories that people have built and dont play anymor. and also, lars you should limit some maximum macines and mk3 poweflowers ans stuff like that

Edit: and also people, stop applying to be whitelisted. Lars said he was only accepting people who applied via email. So if you are wondering why you are not being whitelisted, that is the reason.:3

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Minecraft name: Sumowning


Experience: 2 years of normal minecraft, and about a week in Tekkit

Why do you want to join: The server looks really enjoyable, and I have quit the last server I was on due to an admin/owner being corrupt (stealing items, spawning items, etc etc.) also I like that I'm allowed to speak dutch ^^

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Ladies and Gentlemen,

As of now the server is being reset, and not accessible. We are working on preparing the new world for public release, which will be somewhere in 3-8 days (more precise info coming later). To be able to play on the new server everyone has to (re-)apply using the following form because we are building up a new player database. Be aware that access to the server will be more selective, so fill in the form as best as you can.

Technicraft 2.0 Application Form:


(or: http://tinyurl.com/TC-ServerApp)

A new server forum page will also be made, so expect that soonish too :)

Any questions? Send a mail to [email protected] and we will try to answer as fast and good as we can.


The Tecnicraftserver Team

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