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So, I took up learning Visual Basic (heheh, I use linux and learn a microsoft language..)

I just wanted to ask, is this worth it? I want to learn more languages, like C++, or C#, or Java (I suck at it, badly), or BASIC (Is Visual Basic = BASIC?), or Assembly.. I want to learn more! In Israel, there's a computer science course you can take, to complete the GCSE's and be epic and get a diploma that indicates that you have passed the course in success and are now a fully experienced coder. I need that, since I will be coding for Mojang (hehe, some excuse), :D

(If you haven't realized yet, that part was a joke)

Any thoughts?

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Learning pretty much any programming language will help you in the long run. The more you know about various languages, the better general feel you'll have for coding.

That being said, Visual Basic is pretty useless in any application I've seen. Never seen a job offer looking for a Visual Basic expert, so you might well want to just start off with C or something.

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Please don't learn Visual Basic as a first language. I have to code Visual Basic for Applications for work, and it's brain-damagingly bad.

Java's not terrible, and it's immediately applicable to Minecraft modding. Otherwise, Python is a good language to start off with - it's easy to learn and you can do useful things with it quite quickly.

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