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Idea! Aha! Please read.

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Okay, so I have seen this HUGE AS HOLY JALAPENOS ON A STICK debate everywhere all about servers banning or not banning items from Equivalent Exchange (personally wish this mod would be banned less and get more love, but hexplosives are too fun to abuse).

I would like to propose a simple (in writing, not implementation I bet) solution:

Seperate the magic ends of minecraft and the modding from the technologic side (cue dancing robo-baby).

Take the awesome Buildcraft and IC2 and all of that technology stuff to a technic pack for smp, and create a seperate magic pack (eldritch pack?).

For the tech pack, make a label, telling players that magic has been removed from the pack, and that technology now has the full reign.

For the mage pack, make a label warning of the dangerous explosives and stuff, so that players and server owners know (and therefor will not complain about this) what they are getting into, and will plan ahead.

TLDR: Seperate magical mods from the electronical mods, giving them their own seperate smp packages.

Sounds like a good plan?

If you have any disagreements, or know of any way to make this suggestion any better, please refrain from being a troll or flamer, and post a respectful, relatively direct, and well-mannered answer.

Thank you for reading!

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I think the idea has some merit, but I don't think it's of high priority compared to getting Tekkit/Technic to work with MC1.3.

If someone wants to make a custom pack with more focus on technical stuff, excluding EE and maybe including other mods that aren't in tekkit for various reasons but can still be made to work in a stable way (for example, I'd love Dynamic Elevators and (parts of) Campcraft), that'd be great. I'd be glad to provide any help I can to that end and would probably use it - but I don't think it's something that the Tekkit crew will even consider at the moment.

Um, if you want an EE server, then just install EE on your server.

That's not a "magic pack." That's EE. It is already freely available by itself.

No, what ze was talking about was making splitting Tekkit into two packs - one pack that is as tekkit is now (a magic pack) and one more restricted (without magicky stuff like EE). Since there's a lot of people who prefer to disable EE, I think it's an avenue worth exploring, though as always, it's a question of priorities.

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People seem to always be stuck in a rut: "Technic" stands for "Technical", not "Technological". Thaumcraft and EE are very technical but not very technological, hence why they are in the pack. Also they're all high-quality mods that people enjoy (or enjoy turning off). We don't tell people how to play, and won't be starting to now.

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Well, I l-word the tekkit and technic pack (Love, not lesbians, Scott Pilgrim), but with the smp version, EE is banned on all of the servers anyways.

That is my main beef.

I want to use that in conjunction with Thaumcraft (which I could have sworn was SMP ready) and Wizardcraft (not sure if it is even updated yet...), but normal mod installation with all three of those will make my laptop go boom (Poor little HP, can't even handle vanilla minecraft on lowest settings for long).

Wouldn't a general separate mage pack be fun?

And as a couple of you said, there is the priority of updating to 1.3, which is awesome and exciting.

After that, maybe we could all vote and ask nicely (VERY nicely...the whole technic launcher and pack has to be monkeyballs hard) if we can get a mage pack for SMP.

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