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[3.1.2]TMAC's Server![Survival/Creative/Portal/RPG][50 Slots][22 Ex Plugins][Some Banned Items]


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Server IPs:

Minecraft Server:


If the domain doesn't work for you, use the direct ip at:

If the domain does not work for you please tell us.

Mumble Voice Server:


If the domain doesn't work use the direct ip at:

If the domain does not work for you please tell us.

Server Rules:

  1. Don't Grief.
  2. Don't Whine.
  3. Don't Troll.
  4. Don't Flame.
  5. Don't Spam.
  6. Use Common Sense.
  7. Most Important: HAVE FUN!

Extra Rules To Prevent Annoying the Admins:

  1. Read all signs, Don't ask questions that are on signs.
  2. If a questions is asked that is on a sign then you will be kicked from the server with a warning message and sent back to the spawn.
  3. If you repeat a question more than 3 times thats answered by a sign you will be banned banned for 10 mins with a reason.
  4. If you come back without learning why your getting kick and banned you will get a perma ban.

These quick rules are implemented due to noone reading the signs and asking questions, when more then 200 people ask close to the same question it gets really annoying. This will prevent some of those questions as well as getting rid of those people who refuse to read the signs or rules.

About TMAC's Server:

We host the 8 Wonders of TMAC (2of8 currently), they are just structures that use multiple mods and are humongous and are interesting to play around with for a while. This is our third server ever hosted and is our first public server and first Tekkit server. I hope you all enjoy our first publicly hosted server. It is still small, but the worlds are growing fast. We have a great community of regulars to help us out with keeping the server friendly and fun for all. We have many ranks and worlds to keep people coming back, they are listed below.


  1. Starter: Default Rank. Allowed to build on the starter worlds and play on the Portal_World.
  2. Normal_Builder:Has the same abilities as Starter, but are allowed to play on RPG_World. You must sign up at Clicky
  3. Trusted_Builder: This is the rank for people who meet a specific criteria on our server and prove to us to be trust worthy and not break rules. A Trusted member is allowed to build on the Trusted Worlds. Must be signed up at Clicky
  4. Portal_Builder: You must prove you are a good builder via being a Trusted_Builder. This is a rank you can get temporarily to be allowed to build chambers in the Portal_World. Must request to build a chamber on the website forums at: Clicky.
  5. Ultimate_Builder: This rank allows you to build on TMAC and contribute to the 8 wonders of TMAC. You must become a Trusted_Builder and prove you are a good builder by your builds on the Trusted worlds.
  6. RPG_Builder: You must prove you are a good builder via being a Ultimate_Builder. This is a rank you can get temporarily to build on the RPG_World. Must request to build on the RPG_World on the website forums at: Clicky.
  7. Moderator: Must prove to us you really know the rules of the server and stay trustworthy and not abuse anything within our ranks. You must also submit a moderator application at: Clicky.
  8. Administrator: It will be fairly rare to become a Administrator but will be possible with some time and getting to know the already approved Admins. It takes an Admin to become a Admin.


  1. TMAC: (Main World, Building World, Creative World, Must be Ultimate_Builder to build on, Anti-Grief Abilities.)
  2. Trusted_Builders: (Building World, Creative World, Must be Trusted_Builder to build on, Anti-Grief Abilities.)
  3. Trusted_Survival: (Survival World, Must be Trusted_Builder to build on.)
  4. Starter_Builder: (Building World, Creative World, Anyone can build on, Anti-Grief Abilities, World gets reset once in a while when griefing gets bad, No roll backs)
  5. Starter_Survival: (Survival World, Anyone can build on, Anti_Grief Abilities, World gets reset once in a while when griefing gets bad, No roll backs)
  6. Portal_World: (A PortalStick world that allows you to play portal in Minecraft, Anyone can play, Must be Trusted_Builder to build chambers, Request to build a chamber at: Clicky)
  7. RPG_World: (Currently Closed, Must be a Normal_Builder to play on, not close to finishing)(Current Status: Finished the pier you spawn on, a small village of 14 houses(need to add windows), Blacksmith, Armour and Weapons Shop, Magic Shop, and Grocery Store, Power Plant running at over 5000 eu/t)(To Do: Build castle (located in second town), Create quests, Build dungeons, Build second town)

More Info About The Server:

Current Bukkit Mod List (Will be updated over time, currently 22 plugins):

  1. Biomed
  2. BlueTelepads
  3. ChopTree2
  4. Comfort
  5. CraftBook
  6. DisguiseCraft
  7. EnjinMinecraftPlugin
  8. Essentials
  9. GodPowers
  10. GriefPrevention
  11. LWC
  12. Multiverse
  13. NoItem
  14. PermissionsEx
  15. PortalStick
  16. Residence
  17. SimpleSignEdit
  18. Spectate
  19. SWatchdog
  20. TekkitCustomization
  21. Vault
  22. WorldEdit


Non-Signing Up Features:

  1. Allowed on server
  2. Play Tekkit Survival on the Starter_Survival
  3. Play Tekkit Creative on Starter_Builders
  4. Play Portal in the Portal World. (Ever expanding Never gets old, due to new chambers always being added.)

Signing up feature:

  1. All features listed in the "Non-Signing Up Features" list
  2. Allowed to request features for the server on the website.
  3. Allowed to play RPG on RPG_World.
  4. Ability to rank up past a Starter.
  5. Automatically becomes a Normal_Builder.

Item Banned List (Most people wont even notice that these items are banned):

The banned items list is posted at: Clicky

Server Banner:


Server Specs and Runtime:

The sever runs 24/7 with a restart at 6am and 6pm pst everyday.

The server runs on the server host cubedhost:

Intel Xeon E3-1270

5gb dedicated ram

non-limited disk space

"fair use" limits on ssd nodes

1 gbit connection

99.9% uptime


Our new website has a better way of enableing auto ranking for donations, so now you can pay to rank up instead of waiting like everyone else will have to. For the donation page to do this: Click Here

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I think I was unfairly banned. And want unbanned. I wasn't given a ban reason, and before I was banned, the owner spam killed me using /kill. And cleared my inventory etc. I would not suggest this server to anyone. But want unbanned so i can speak to that son-of-a-bitch owner.

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To be honest 3 of us joined at once and once we got RM gear we decided some PvP would be a bit of fun considering we were allowed to, the owner freaked out and just banned us. Why allow PvP in the survival world and encourage it then? This was a farce

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theres a difference from pvp, legitlately, then spawn killing, then abuseing items, you guys were one of the reasons why so many items are now banned on the server, spawn killing, makeing world hole with rings and everything else, thats considered Griefing, and Trolling for the fact of spawn killing, so you were actually against the rules, go and read the rules and enjoy your ban. plus ther is no reason to want back on my server there are plenty of other servers. I no my server is good but damn you dont gotta bug to get back on it, that will just make it how you will never get back on it.

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lol i love how badly you want back on the server, your banned i know what you did along with about 6 other witnesses, all also voted to ban you and the other 2 people. So stop trying to argue to get back on the server, lol. your proveing that my server is awesome because of you argueing to get back on when there are many other servers. your funny.

P.S. Thank you for bumping my server post so much, your gaining more and more people joining, couple more days and the server will start becomeing full we are already upwards to 35 people at time, so thank you. LOL

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