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[3.1.2]TMAC's Server![Survival/Creative/Portal/RPG][50 Slots][22 Ex Plugins][Some Banned Items]


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* We are now in the testing phase of the maintenance

Keep an eye here for information on the testing

What testing includes:


* Test each rank to make sure all permissions work

* Test all banned items on each rank

* Test protections around all the new spawn points in all the new worlds

* Double check the town hall and make sure there is nothing else to add

* Make sure all portals work to each world

* If it doesn't take to long, get play.tmachq.net working so you only have to use that instead of the ip - Seems to be working but i got the normal ip on the forum post still for just in case


* Go through the website and make sure all pages that are needed are there

* Proof read all pages

* Make sure nothing else needs to be added

Tekkit Forum Post:

* Proof Read to prevent grammar errors

* See if anything else should be reorganized

* Test all links

Server is now back open to the public

To do list as i find more things i have to do:


Something happened with the banned items list, so we need to rewrite banned items list

Add RM and DM Furnace to banned item on all groups and worlds

Add mining laser to Starter and Normal_builder banned items list

Make it automatically rank you up after sign up on the website if possible.


Redo all the motds

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@lukeb he messed up the link here's. the new link: Clicky

The banned list is finalized on there. There is quite a few that are banned for all ranks, but the trusted rank gets a lot less banned items. The items that are on the all ranks and worlds banned list are placement, usage, crafting and world banned except the transmutation tablet which isnt world banned due to me useing it on the RPG_World.

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+ Ranks in the chat

+ Colored World and Rank names in chat

Full changed list from the maintenance:

+ New Ranks

+ New Worlds

* Reset Worlds

+ New Town Hall

+ Portal Room

+ New Website

+ New Banned Items List for trusted members to have less banned items.

* Ram upgrade 3.5gb => 4gb

*We are now back to working on the RPG_World, we are trying to get it finally opened. We added a little more design to the first town from street lamps to a well in the town square. We also are very close to finishing the Power Plant.

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* Server Back Up from cpu crash

+ New Banned Item, Deployer. The deployer is now banned completely for all groups. The deployer on the RPG_World is what made the cpu crash.

* All Work on RPG_World Stopped until i fix the deployer in the power plant via single player.

* Got RPG_World Back. All work resumed.

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@lukeb I can finally answer your lava questions. There are 2 parameters that must be followed to place lava. You must have claimed theland you are trying to place the lava on and your claim must be at least 1 hour old. It is grief prevention preventing it and it is a anti grief function. Also a little more info on that thought liquids will not flow out of your claim if you place a liquid inside your claim and also wont flow into your claim if someone puts liquid on the outside of your claim. That should solve your lava problems.

@Everyone The new banned items list should make people happy for the fact that Trusted members now get back RM and DM Tools also get auto crafting tables.

Also @Everyone who say there are too many banned items. The items are banned due to not logging with bukkit, what that means is that even if you create a protection or a claim to protect your items, the items that don't log will be able to break the protections and still destroy your items. The rest that are not necessarily tools are banned due to duping glitches. The others that are banned which are only about 3 other items that don't fall in these categories are banned due to either being able to crash the server such as the spawn eggs and the deployers or are over powered and can cause massive griefing such as the nuke. The nuke you shouldn't ever need anyways except if you were trying to grief. So please stop complaining to us about having so many banned items, the reasons are clear on why they are banned and they will not ever be unbanned, there are chances though that more items can become banned, but so far i don't see a need for more banned items. The banned items are the items that need to be banned.

@People who say they find servers with less banned items. Those servers will be newly created server that only looked up recommended banned items and haven't been griefed yet. There banned items list will grow over time like ours will. So far our banned items list is as long as it's prolly going to get, but on those other servers they will guaranteed to be getting longer. So don't be saying that you found one because your victory will be short lived.

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Thanks for the update Kratos. I'm just wondering how to become a trusted member. I was playing on the old server for a long time and helped many people. I do not want to start anything big yet since the world will be reset every few weeks. I just want to be able to meet the requirements so I can build and know my hard work will not be undone.

thanks for the info!

elitehater28 and friends

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If you were already on the server before and have been on for a long while, once you sign up on the website and your application is approved you will be automatically promoted to a Trusted_Builder.

EDIT: You also have to link your minecraft account onto the website, once you've gone on the website again (After you're application has been approved), you will be asked two different options to link your account. Since you need to have played Vanilla 1.4.2 for the first option, we recommend you do the second option instead (it works for tekkit). And luke you're application has already been accepted just come back on the site, link your Minecraft account and you should already be a Trusted builder if you have been on the old server quite regularly.

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We have had our first starter world reset. The Starter_Builders was reset due to a recent grief. Due to the recent grief 4 people have been banned that have over expressed evidence that they all had some part of the griefing. Also that was the final test for explosives. Explosives are now banned on surface and underground.

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+ Future Planned Changes area on the tekkit forum post on website.

Future planned changes:

Add a new way to handle tekkit permissions to allow for less banned items for even members below Trusted_Builders.

--The new planned way for this is to completely have the fakes users deopped instead and have each person need to use /trust [modname] in their claim to allow the fake users to make changes to only their claim. This will allow unbanning quarries and a few other items for all. Currently this is implemented for the people that the items aren't suppose to be banned for. This should also fix the explosion ban as well. A example is of this is /trust [redpower] to allow block breakers and frames.

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+New Banned Items

Ring of Ignition

Zero Ring

Ring of Arcana

Void Ring

Harvest Goddess Band

Archangel's Smite

Hyperkinetic Lens

Gravity Greaves

Hurricane Boots

These items should be about the last of the protection breaking items. These items should not be noticed since some of these were useless with some of the current protections.

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hey kratos sry i over reacted about tons of stuff being banned. but good idea about the trusted members i signed up on ur website and was wandering how do i become a trusted member i know u said i could be i just don't know how to do it and thx for letting trusted members be able to use some banned items. i just dont see the point in griefing i mean u go get tons of stuff from another player and then get banned so i just dont see the point. and now i can make my cool door at my tekkit castle after u stop resting the server every 2 weeks not that I'm complaining i don't mind. and kratos i was checking out ur 8 wonders of tmac and i figured out how to get in to them so i would like to show u where i didn't go into them but i did figure how to tho so i would like to help u prevent this from happening by fixing them to keep tons of people from doing this. and one more thing im i aloud to make a blaze rod emc gen sense energy collectors are banned and its not really cheap/cheating its not something they intended to put in the game.

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