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Comedians Ahoy!


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This thread is dedicated to comedy (lol) and comedians.

More importantly, those comedians who most haven't heard of.

Before you start giving links to Louis C K or Ricky Gervais, remember, we already know about these guys. They are HUGE!

But there are other comedians that I fear lie in the shadow, not yet seen or spoken of.

So please point out any unknown or less-mainstream comedians who spend their time making your day joyful!

As my first discovery: This swedish jewel, Carl-Einar Häckner, who I believe visited U.S. not too long ago?

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Stephen K Amos. Does pretty darn well on the international circuit for a homosexual Nigerian. Not that either of them have any bearing on how awesome he is. (Or maybe they do? :D)

Were you by any chance the guy with the glasses :D

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As my first discovery: This swedish jewel, Carl-Einar Häckner, who I believe visited U.S. not too long ago?

Aawww.... David Copperfield did that joke aswell!

But I still like Carl-Einar before David :P

Edit. Oho! This is not one comedian, but still really great! NSFW

Double Edit. These two will take the world by storm! Just wait and see

Triple Edit. An australian visiting sweden. Steve Hughes

If you want me to stop editing about sweden then come post here of any other nationality, gosh!

Fourth Edit. Andre Wickström, a finnish comedian in iceland.

He's a bit stale in the beginning, but once he kicks off, he kicks off!

Fifth Edit. George Carlin keeps popping in my "related videos".

I've never heard of the guy, but he's good!

Sixth Edit. Dylan Moran, apparently a drunk Irish. Who would have known that Irish are funny when they're unsobered...

wait, is it the other way around?

Seventh Edit.NSFW Frankie Boyle, the most heckling and sadistic comedian from UK I ever known. This is at his best.

Eight Edit. Markus Birdman, an englishman visiting sweden. Quite good

Ninth Edit. Adam Hills, an amazing australian! Just watch.

Tenth Edit. Reginal D Hunter, oh my. This guy is really good! An american visiting Britain

Eleventh Edit. Imran Yusuf, I couldn't describe him better than the name already does.

Twelfth Edit. Tuomas Enbuske lashing out at Gerry Brownlee for some political discussion thing. Funniest shit I've ever seen!

Thirteenth Edit. Legendary sketch-comedian, Stephen Fry. This link offers more philosophy than comedy, though. This offers comedy.

Fourtheenth Edit. Karen Mills, a female southerner comedian. More of those, please!

Fiftheenth Edit. Bill Cosby, for those of you who have never watched Family Guy or never lived to see the 80's, the man is a legend

Sixteenth Edit. Gabriel Iglesias, aka "Fluffy". How known is this guy to you? I haven't heard of him until very recently. I laughed until my chest started to hurt.

Seventeenth Edit. Ismo Leikola, finnish. Not the best english speaker, but that doesn't make him inferior.

Eighteenth Edit. Barack Obama Parody by norwegian comedian. 'Tis for the ratings, y'know? I need to boost some interest in this thread. Hopefully no Obama-fan will take offense.

Nineteenth Edit. Swedish Comedians doing a sketch/song. Not sure if they are "acting" their physical dysfunction or not. But they are truly funny!

Twentieth Edit. DC Benny, from Brooklyn. A bit rascist, but how else attract the public without some attention?

Twentyfirst Edit. Brad Stine, a christian comedian. Not the best, different, but ok.

Twentysecond Edit. Kevin Hart, wasn't this guy in scary movie? Didn't know he was a comedian.

Twentythird Edit. George Lopez, Finally! A non-American comedian! Gosh... found this one through Gabriel Iglesias

Twentyfourth Edit. James May, Richard Hammond and Jeremy Clarkson, these people are true comedians. But you may know them more as car fanatics.

Twnetyfifth Edit. WLIIA, I knew about this program way before Simpleguy referenced it :)

Twentysixth Edit. Ron G talking about his stalker. You could find more unheard-of comedians on TheLaughFactory.

Twentyseventh Edit. Flight of the Conchords, a folk parody duo singers from New Zealand.

Twentyeight Edit. AngryJoeReviews, the guy isn't a good comedian. But I laughed my ass off at this review. No, this one was The Best!

Twentyninth Edit. Gad Elmaleh, a F-R-E-N-C-H comedian! Maybe it's just me, but I didn't find it THAT funny when I can only read the subtitles.

Thirtieth Edit. Red Dwarf, a british television series which most young people missed for some obscure reason. There is NO excuse, Watch. It. Now!

Thirtyoneth Edit. HISHE, you may have stumbled on this while surfing on youtube for movie clips. Posting 2 of my favourites here.

Thirtysecond Edit. Blue Collar Comedy Tour, a group of funny rednecks.

Thirtythird Edit. Little Kuriboh made a parody series of Yu Gi Oh. This will keep you entertained for hours. Guaranteed!

Thirtyfourth Edit. Dan Nainan, an indian comedian! The great thing about searching for comedy is that the related videos on the right helps me :D

Thirtyfifth Edit. Russell Peters, another indian comedian. I find the comment "the best comedian on the planet!!" annoying. I've. Never. Heard. Of. This. Guy!. But he's good!

Thirtysixth Edit. Chris Barrie, an actor well known from the series Red Dwarf, doing some of his impressions.

Thirtyseventh Edit. Timon and Pumba, so many good episodes. But this one is a song.

Thirtyeight Edit. Adolf Hitler. yea... weird, innit? He was the last person I believed could make a joke.

Thirtyninth Edit. Alf Garnett and his ranting. Quite funny when/if you understand what he says.

Fortieth Edit. The Best Final Fantasy Ever! And here is an abridged series of it, enjoy!

Fortyfirst Edit. What's My Line, a panel game show back in the 50-60s. There are two people here you might enjoy.

Fortysecond Edit. Marty Feldman, good comedian whose DVD I got on my birthday.

Fortythird Edit. Asking swedish kids if they believe in God. Kids are funny.

Fortyfourth Edit. Patrice O'Neal, I'm ashamed that I haven't heard of this guy until I watched the Charlie Sheen Roast.

Fortyfifth Edit. Jon Richardson, there's always another brit...

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Most comedians I've put here are stand up. Stephen fry, Hugh Laurie, Rowan Atkinson and John Cleese are all comedy geniuses. But none of them have done stand-up.

It's a different ball-game.

I liked Black adder series where both stephen and hugh participated :D

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Let's keep the intimacy in kitty jail.

my favorite comedians that are relatively unknown in these parts.

Jimmy Carr and David Mitchell

Thank you for those, although I already knew about them. I hope people will add other national comedians here: We seem to have many from UK and US here. Rest of Europe, Asia and south america, where are your inputs?

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I'm gonna break the double-post rule here, for a good reason: female comedians.

Yes, I know. Many believe them to be a myth. But I'm in the firm belief that the opposite sex has same/better sense of humour as the male part.

So I hope that people will point out any good female comedians here...

The first I found: Yasmin, amateur american? Dunno, but she is good for doing it the first time (statement from youtube)

Iliza Shlesinger, another american (gosh). But funny, still.

Vanessa Fraction, american. Puts much energy in her show.

Anjelah Johnson, american. Cute. Can't find any words.

Brittney Spears. Yes, THE princess of ... whatever. Never thought she was capable of performing comedy, but after all, she is just as human as you and me.

Joan Rivers, a legendary comedian. First female comedian.

Gina Yashere, some of you from UK may know her from "Mock the Week".

What is YOUR religion; Christianity or Monty Pythony?

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