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[1.7.10][BlockHeads.ML][PvE+PVP][200 Slots][BlockHeads Mod Pack]

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Come play with us on our custom Technic Platform Mod pack server. We have a dedicated hardware machine that provides fast, dependable play. We are a new server and look forward to adding players and growing our community. Visit our website, our Technic Platform Mod Pack page, or check out our repository using the links below. 



Technic Platform Link (Main Method):



BitBucket Repositories for Patches and Main Technic Mod Pack Release:




Website link with Forums and More:



Server Information:

Address: connect.blockheads.ml

Port: 25565

Slots: 0/200 (50 Reserved of that for VIP future use.)

Uptime: 24x7 (Except for critical patches and modifications as we are a new server.)

Authentication: In game authentication and onlinemode=true.



Loaded with mods. Basically FTB Direwolf and Infinity on crack for Technic. Much better server side utilities to replace FTB Utils and all the FTB nonsense. Great community of novice, advanced and experienced users. Come play with us and help us develop and grow a great world!



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