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[3.1.2] Technicraft - A Survival Tekkit Server [24/7] [PvE] [45 slots] [Greylisted] [Mumble]


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- Important Server Announcement -

Dear Technicraft Players,

We have a sad, but also a happy announcement to make. To start with the sad part: We will stop hosting the Technicraft Tekkit Server in two weeks time, 22nd of February 2013 at 23:59 CET. The reason for this has to do with the low amount of players, and the need for the owners to try something new and refreshing.

This leads us to the happy part. We are teaming up with two of our current Moderators, Aqua682 and Mtwittma, and will soon start hosting a vanilla minecraft server. For obvious reasons the server name will be changed to something more vanilla. Instead if Technicraft it will be called MixedCraft.

All of you are able to make the switch to vanilla with us if you so desire. We hope to create a community just as good, or even better, than the community on Technicraft. All current players who join us will be rewarded with the special item(s) only available for old Technicrafters.

The idea behind MixedCraft is to have something for everybody. We will utilize multiverse in order to have a Survival, Creative and Anarchy world, all on one server. Many plugins will also be added to increase the overall dynamic aspect of Vanilla. To keep up to date with the progress of MixedCraft, check

www.mixedcraft.com frequently and follow us on twitter as well as twitch: www.twitter.com/mixed_craft and www.twitch.tv/mixed_craft.

To close the server with a bang, we are changing the server to creative mode, and most limits will be removed. Everyone is free to build whatever they like, and hopefully you will enjoy your last two weeks on the server. Another thing we will do is release the world file both before putting everything in create, as well as after. These will be available for downloading for two weeks after the server has shutdown, available from the MixedCraft website.

We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but think this will be a step in the right direction. We hope to see you soon on MixedCraft.

If you have any questions, post a comment below, or send us an email at [email protected].


- Technicraft shutting down in two weeks;

- Minecraft Vanilla server ‘MixedCraft’ opening;

- Owners: Aqua682, Lars_1993, Mtwittma, Mymy91 and TANGOtjuh;

- Technicrafters who switch will be rewarded;

- Questions or responses -> [email protected].


Technicraft 2.0 - A survival tekkit server

Now with a new world!


Server connection info:

Tekkit version: '3.1.2'

Server IP: 'technicraft.beastnode.net'

Mumble connection info:

Address: ''

Port: '63344'

Username: 'Use your MC name on mumble too'

Password: 'Technimumble'

Welcome to Technicraft, the server you were looking for. We are a small community looking to expand. What do we have to offer I hear you ask?

- 45 slot server;

- Free mumble server to speak with us and other members;

- A large world for you to build in;

- Build in the open world, or in one of the four prebuild city area’s;

- Spleef Arena;

- PvP Arena;

- Deathjump Arena (Jumping puzzle with a prize at the end);

- Fun and friendly staff;

- and more :)

- About the server -

The server is being hosted by three enthusiastic friends. We started this server because we had bad experiences with other servers and their admins. So... Now we are trying to provide a good, stable and friendly server for others! We are all serious builders who try to build nice things that ‘fit’ in the worlds landscape. We are looking for other enthusiastic players who like to join our server. Experience with tekkit or MC isn’t necessary, as long you put time and effort in you builds.

The server is greylisted, so you can log on anytime you want and have a look around. Though to be able to craft, build and enjoy all the possibilities of the server do the following:

Post your application in the comments below, and use the following format:


- Minecraft Username*:

- Age:

- Reason for joining*:

- Experience in minecraft and tekkit*:


Questions marked with a * are mandatory.

After doing posting, notify one of our staffmembers on the server, and they will check the application, and promote you to member. Please be aware that the application process is slightlyl selective, so please take your tie to fill it in as best as you can.

To receive updates and information about the server via email, it is possible to subscribe. Use the following link: Technicraft Email Signup

- Server Rules -

We are an english speaking server, though Dutch (our native language) is also allowed. Furthermore, the usual things such as spamming, swearing, hacking, cheating, griefing, stealing, duplication or the use of banned items are not allowed and will lead to imprisonment or even a ban! All tekkit mods are allowed, but some items will be restrictid since they can be used to damage the world and builds (See Banned Items). It is allowed to build a nuclear reactor, though it is required to be built underground and be surrounded by reïnforced walls. Notice that if a reactor might blow up, that will be at your own risk, so your items will not be respawned. At last; please use common sense, don’t insult people, do anything considered to be an act of racism or do anything where it is logical that its not allowed. A full list of the rules can be seen in game, or requested digitally by sending us an email.

(Have been banned and want back on the server? Use the following form to do a ban appeal:


- Plugins -




Grief Prevention




Tekkit Customizer


SimpleSpleef Evolved





- Staff/ranks -

There are 6 types of ranks on the server, five of which available for players.


The rank you log into when joining for the first time. To get promoted to Member apply using the link to the google form given above.


The rank most players will be in. This is the most basic rank where you can build and play on the server.


After a while on the server and showing that you can be trusted, you can be promoted. This means that you can access more items and extra features like mobdisguise.

(Note: To get promoted you have to actually show us that you can be trusted with more features. This may be done by helping us build in server projects, find and report certain bugs or playing for a long time without breaking the rules).


If we see a player behaves to the rules, is friendly with other players and staff, and cares for the server, he or she will be applicable for moderator. This will give access to more commands and access to staff permissions.

(To apply for a position in our staff team use the following form: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHp0dGhIQmF2OXd1ckw3Qks1TTNfTkE6MQ)


The highest available rank for players. Admins can access everything and do anything.


This rank goes without explanation :)

- Banned Items -

Members are not allowed to some items that can do harm to the world and builds, or cause problems on the server. Some of these items include TNT, Nukes, part of the Red Matter toolset, Chunk loading blocks (World Anchor, Dimensional Anchor) and several more. These items are not allowed to spoil your fun, but to keep your fun going by making sure your builds stay in one piece. When a member gets promoted to Trusted some of these items will be unlocked and can be used, although with care. A full list of banned items can be found in game, or requested digitally by sending us an email.

Hope to see you on the server soon,

The Technicraft Server Staff

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As of now I am going to open the server and slowly start adding people from the application to the member group. At the moment I am only adding those who I already know, if you are new to the server, log in first and then I can promote you to member.

I hope to see you all soon.


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if the server is not up yet then i would like to apply for when it is up.

my application is


Tekkit experience:about half a year now but i have been on regular minecraft since 1.5 and i hosted my own server (that wasnt tekkit) for about two mounths

why you want to be apart of the server: i was banned from the server i played on and am looking for a new server to join. also i will be able to play about an hour- or + a day (normally more).(i was banned because i was giveing out rm and apparentally it wasnt allowed [i didnt know]).

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My name is alexander12324.

I am very experianced in tekkit and I have been playing for about one and a half years.

I would like to be part of this server because after my friends and I were very settled in our favorite server it was shut down. This was devistating.

Thank you if you do accept me.

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Hey dear sir.Me and a mate are looking for a nice small survival sever that has a good set of staff,no stuff banned,EE (Got to have EE to be a good sever) and i,m looking for a sever where there is stuff going on all the time.I love to help with projects.Thx for the time to look at this.P.S can i get a reply in the next 12hrs if not it's fine what time you do it.(Names)(My name)bindigb and my Mate Matthew9619.Thx

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Hey dear sir.Me and a mate are looking for a nice small survival sever that has a good set of staff,no stuff banned,EE (Got to have EE to be a good sever) and i,m looking for a sever where there is stuff going on all the time.I love to help with projects.Thx for the time to look at this.P.S can i get a reply in the next 12hrs if not it's fine what time you do it.(Names)(My name)bindigb and my Mate Matthew9619.Thx

Read the first post :)

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- Server Update -

Deathjump Arena now available. Deathjump is a jumping puzzle where the ultimate goal is too reach the end. A large prize is won for reaching the end first, so go try as soon as possible.

ChopTree2 now installed instead of Treeassist. This because Treeassist was not compatible with the tekkit tools.

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