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Buying A Computer


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My wife has an acer. Support is good and all I've done is defrag it once. It's about two years old and still running great

That hasn't been my experience at all. I've had to fix every single Acer that anyone in my family or group of friends has ever purchased, including the Aspire that my mother bought me two years ago. The most common problem has been AC jigs coming loose and needing to be re-soldered, followed by RAM sticks going dead. There have been a few that i couldn't fix at all. I've recommended Toshiba laptops for every one of those people, and none of the ones who listened to me have had a single problem.

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Don't get a Dell, they skimp on areas that will fail in a year or two, and that includes Alienware.

Toshiba makes okay laptops, Asus is okay, and Lenovo is generally terrific all around. I always recommend Lenovo when I can because tech support is good and they don't skimp on anything, plus all their products are solid.

HP builds can be okay, maybe. Acer isn't worth mentioning.

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I found it hard to believe too, but, it works very well, and I've had no problems with it so far. You don't have to believe it, because it works for me and I like it.

So, what's the name? Model number? Serial number? Something so I can actually take a look at this thing?

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